Your guide to get healthcare professional license in Dubai

Your guide to get healthcare professional license in Dubai

Dubai is the land of opportunities and its multi-dimensional progress in almost all walks of life makes it one of the best choices to kick-start new businesses. If you aspire to invest in the healthcare sector, especially after the pandemic, you will come across a wide array of choices in this regard. As we witnessed during this ongoing pandemic which jolted the financial foundations of almost all industries compelling them for salary cuts and downsizings, it is the Health Sector where people found job security and new employment positions.

Dubai has earned a name and has marked its level throughout the world in terms of health services. The health industry offers a myriad of options for people looking for employment opportunities. Be it a researcher, therapist, doctor, pharmacist, etc. whatever interests you, there’s an opportunity for you.

 So if you are looking for Medical And Healthcare Jobs in UAE and more precisely

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In addition to that for information regarding securing a professional license for your healthcare facility, for example, a clinic, the following are a few points to ponder. The UAE government is also particular about the documents which you may require for opening up a clinic. Medical professionals who wish to start their practice in the UAE need to apply for a professional license in UAE. There are four licensing authorities in the UAE, from which you can your license. Here’s a brief detail about what they actually do.

  • DHA (Dubai Health Authority): Dubai Health Authority is basically a health regulatory authority that operates and owns four government hospitals in Dubai. You will be needing a license if you want to practice in Dubai.
  • DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City): DHCC is having a regulatory authority named DHCR, which will issue licenses to healthcare professionals and this license binds them with the condition to practice within DHCC’s territory.
  • HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi): HAAD exercises its power of issuing licenses with the territory Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • MOH (Ministry of Health): MOH license will be valid for all Northern Emirates and it’s pertinent to mention here that DHA and DHCC have no role in the areas that come in the sphere of MOH.

The four licensing authorities will have common Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) for all individuals seeking licenses including physicians and technicians. The Professional Qualification Requirements is basically a standardized licensing document created by UAE health authorities to put out the necessary prerequisites for licensure of healthcare professionals seeking practice in the Emirates under the country’s laws and international best practices and standards. For the process of license application, you are required to pay the registration amount, and afterward, the training courses will commence. And once you qualify for the eligibility exams, the ministry will approve your application for the license.

Who is eligible for Doctor License in Dubai?

Professional licenses are issued to interns, resident doctors, specialists, practitioners, consultants, dentists, nurses, registered midwives, nurse practitioners. Official websites of the abovementioned regulators give complete details regarding this.

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