Your Guide to Different Types of Yachts You Will Find in Dubai

Your Guide to Different Types of Yachts You Will Find in Dubai

In Dubai, yachting is highly common. This is so because experiencing a yacht is an incredibly opulent luxury, and folks in Dubai are all about that life. They like everything to be exquisite, glitzy, and lavish. Due to their numerous remarkable features, private yachts or luxury yacht rental Dubai are the most popular option for individuals around the city. There is a sort of yacht for everyone because each one is distinct and designed based on the interests of the individuals who own it. For instance, some people prefer a boat with a more open deck and opulent amenities. However, other folks like their yachts to be more enclosed with a variety of incredible suites and other awesome features. Some people prefer smaller, more private boats where they may spend time alone or with a special someone, while others prefer grander vessels.

So, here’s your guide to different kinds of yachts available for you here in Dubai if you intend to spend a holiday or celebrate a special occasion on a yacht charter in Dubai.

High-end super yacht

Super-luxury yachts are available for rent from several yacht hire Dubai agencies for a variety of occasions. For individuals who are organizing business events like Christmas parties or team building, this type of boat in Dubai is perfect. It is also excellent for holding gatherings with the appropriate number of attendees, such as birthday parties and wedding receptions. In Dubai, luxury super yachts might be 62 feet, 77 feet, 80 feet, 85 feet, 88 feet, or 90 feet long. The number of passengers a boat can carry increases with its size. The majority of yacht rental businesses that provide this type of yacht include modern amenities including a great music system, an entertainment space, and spacious overnight accommodations.

Fishing Yacht Cruises

You may hire this one if you wish to go fishing while spending quality time with your family and friends. To make your fishing experience more convenient, boats like this one contain fish-finding technologies and GPS navigation systems. It could also come in a variety of sizes. Couples that desire some alone time together can choose the fishing explorer. Fishing sailing cruises departing from Dubai Marina typically run 4-5 hours and include refreshments as well as fishing gear including rods and bait. However, if you already own the necessary fishing gear, you may bring it along and reel in the day’s catch. On some cruises, passengers are also permitted to grill their catch. Having a trip where you can demonstrate both your culinary and fishing talents seems fairly awesome, right?


A houseboat is a special type of yacht.  This type of yacht is available for rental for any occasion, including celebrations, weddings, and family reunions. Typically, depending on its size and the recommendation of the yacht rental business, it may accommodate 90 or more passengers. Rent a houseboat in Dubai that has all the conveniences to create a cozy atmosphere for any event.


Renting a catamaran in Dubai allows you the pleasure of taking in the spectacular Dubai cityscape. Catamarans have a wider stance on the water, which lessens wave-induced motion. You may stay up all night partying, spend the evening away from Dubai’s crowded streets, or go fishing with your loved ones. With the yacht’s amenities, your festivities will be even more special.

Yacht Brunch & Dinner Cruises

The luxurious brunch or dinner cruises are another type of yacht tour offered in Dubai Marina. Enjoying delectable buffets or live cooking stations while drifting on the tranquil waters of Dubai Marina may be part of this special dining experience. These often occur on bigger yachts with air-conditioned decks where the sumptuous dining setups are spread. In addition to the plentiful buffet, guests may take in live entertainment and music. There you have it, these are the types of yachts you may hire while in Dubai for any event. Without skipping a breathtaking view of Dubai, make every event worthwhile. Look for a great boat that can fulfill your requirements when you hire it. There are several Boat Rental Dubai firms; choose the best offer without compromising on the level of service, then cruise the waters around the city!