Why You Should Not Wear A Used Gemstone

Why You Should Not Wear A Used Gemstone

Gemstones, when tucked in a ring, make an endearing piece of jewellery. Some people like to wear them for their beauty while others wear them based on the suggestion by their free Kundli or astrologer. In any form, they look stylish and make a bold fashion statement. In fact, some cultures and religions believe that gemstones have magical powers that can heal and cleanse one’s surroundings. For example, Vedic astrology assesses planets positioning to determine an individual’s birthstone. Vedic astrology suggests wearing a different gemstone to solve different problems across various aspects of life such as love, health, business, etc. 

While all this is worth trying, but the fact that gemstones are expensive pulls many away from owning one. However, some people do rely on used gemstones just for its fashion appeal. But is it a good practice? Let’s find out. 

Understanding the power of gemstones

Gemstones have great power, and when worn as per the recommendation of an astrologer or free online Kundli, they bring forth great benefits. However, the wrong prescription or wearing the wrong gemstone can result in great harm. Prescription determines the appropriate birthstone. Moreover, it can also determine what gemstone to wear and when to get maximum benefits out of it.

Gemstones harness the positive powers of the benefic plant thus strengthening the fortune of the wearer. However, the positioning of certain planets may be unfavourable at times, and thus wearing a gemstone that the planet represents might bring bad luck for the wearer. Therefore, one must always consult an astrologer before donning any gemstone. Gemstones also strengthen the weak planets in a person’s horoscope and lessen the bad effects of malefic planets.

All these strengths depend on various considerations. These could be the method of wearing the gemstone, how you cleanse or activate them and also the fact that whether you are wearing a used or a new gemstone

The harm that comes when you wear a used gemstone

  • As per astrologers, any kind of gemstone gets drained of its powers after 3 to 4 years. Therefore, wearing a used gemstone may not summon the positive traits, which the prescribing astrologer was aiming for.
  • Also, a gemstone transfers energy as well as stores it. Once worn it becomes part of the wearer physically and also spiritually. This means the wearer and the ring reverberate at the same level of vibrational energy. Therefore wearing a used stone would mean acquiring and absorbing someone else’s energy, which may create a big conflict with yours. This might affect you rather than help you in any possible way.
  • Lastly, gemstone prescribed by a qualified astrologer, after reading your Hindi Kundli, assesses all astrological aspects. Therefore, the recommended stone becomes both intimate and personal to the wearer. Wearing a used gemstone for astrological purposes can be damaging. A used gemstone, without your knowledge, may strengthen the power of inauspicious planets and weaken benefic one thus defeating the purpose of wearing the stone.

Cleansing and charging the gemstone

Despite all the odds, if you still choose to wear a used gemstone (or even a new one), the least you can do is cleanse it. Cleansing gemstones before wearing them help in the activation of their power, removes any kind of impurities and balances their energy. Also, even if it is a new gemstone, the stone may have gotten exposed to bad energies during various processes before reaching the wearer’s destination, such as cutting, shipment, packaging, etc. Hence an unused gemstone must always be cleaned properly before use. 

The method to use to clean the stone depends on the type of gemstone and its purpose. Cleansing a stone both in Western and Vedic astrology is a very sacred intimate act that the owner of the newly bought stone engages in. This involves intense energy work and must be done after proper consultation with an astrologer. Apart from cleansing, charging a stone is also important. By charging the gemstone, you ensure that it is capable of attracting positive energies and helping fulfil the process it has been purchased for. 

So even if you are wearing a gemstone for fashion, make sure you consult an astrologer before wearing it, especially if it is a used gemstone.