Consider the business sector where you can invest with the expectation of earning the most return… We are confident that the first industry that will remove you from consideration is Healthcare. The only sector of the economy that was relatively unaffected by the coronavirus epidemic was the healthcare sector. When discussing the field of Healthcare, mentioning Dubai allows one to construct the most satisfactory possible professional future for themselves if they work as a doctor in Dubai. According to the most recent statistics, it is possible to forecast what will happen in the field of Healthcare accurately. This sector is expected to have continuous growth; however, rather than putting money into full-fledged hospitals, it is advisable to put money into medical clinics because they are simpler to run and have lower overhead costs. For this reason, many people like Plastic Surgeon Dubai and investors opt to establish a private clinics in the healthcare industry.

Regarding establishing a medical facility, if you are considering opening a clinic, you should not do so until you have done adequate market research. Are you interested in opening a medical practice in Dubai? However, this is precisely where healthcare consultants can be of use. Consultation with an expert will simplify things for you to a significant degree.

In addition to providing the most excellent business platform, the government of the UAE is also very strict about the documents necessary for starting a new medical practice. Those in the medical field interested in pursuing their career in the UAE must apply for a professional license in the UAE. If you read this article, you will learn the essentials of the licensing process that is followed in the region.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are four licensing authorities from which medical professionals can obtain their licenses to begin their medical practice. This means that each of these four licensing authorities has its requirements, all of which must be satisfied to obtain a medical license.

You can obtain a medical license in the Emirate of Dubai via the DHA licensing authority, officially known as the Dubai Health Authority. The Dubai Health Authority is the country’s primary healthcare provider and overseer; it also manages Dubai’s four public hospitals and is the entity that owns them. A license from the DHA is necessary if you desire to work or engage in practice in Dubai. Dubai licensing exam for Doctors is conducted by DHA; upon passing the test and fulfilling other DHA license requirements for Doctors, you may be granted a license to practice medicine in Dubai.

DHCC stands for Dubai Healthcare City, a center for medical care, education, and overall wellbeing in the region’s medical industry. The DHCC will soon include a regulatory division known as DHCR, and it will be responsible for issuing licenses to hospitals and healthcare professionals. However, to practice medicine, licensed medical professionals must do so within the borders of DHCC’s jurisdiction.

The Ministry of Health has announced that MOH licenses will be accepted in the Northern Emirates (the UAE Emirates except Dubai & Abu Dhabi). In regions within the purview of the Ministry of Health’s regulatory authority, neither DHA nor DHCC can be used legally.

HAAD stands for the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, and it will be responsible for the distribution of licenses within the boundaries of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


The following are the stages that are included in the application process for the license:

  • There is a possibility that you will need to pay the appropriate fee for registration.
  • After that, there will be sessions of training conducted.
  • You are required to take part in and succeed in eligibility exams.
  • After that, there is still a chance that you will receive clearances from the Ministry.
  • Who is qualified to apply?

Registering for medical care in the UAE could appear to be complicated at first, but you will find it less intimidating as you become acquainted with the relevant laws and regulations. If you are a medical professional who wants to conduct your medical practice or seek Doctor jobs in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you must get special licenses according to your specialization and the medical profession. Medical interns, resident doctors, specialists, general practitioners, consultants, dentists, nurses, registered midwives, nurse practitioners, Ayurveda doctors, and homeopathy doctors are all eligible to receive a professional license in the UAE.

How to Obtain a Medical License in the United Arab Emirates

The technicians mentioned above and doctors, particularly those not from the surrounding region, are qualified to practice medicine in the UAE and can submit an application for a medical license there. Following the registration process comes the examination, then the verification of certificates. Afterward, experts must apply and receive a passing score on a fully functional online examination and evaluation system (EES). This eligibility exam can be applied for and attended by candidates without having to leave their home country. A medical license will be awarded to professionals who meet its requirements.

All medical physicians and technicians will be subject to the exact Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR), which the four aforementioned licensing organizations will implement. However, healthcare professionals should register with many agencies for Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE so they can practice in various settings.