What foods should you try on your next visit to the city of gold?

What foods should you try on your next visit to the city of gold?

Dubai ought to be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a lavish and idyllic trip! The city is a combination of beautiful seaside and urban landscapes, with both skyscrapers and artificial islands within easy reach. Dubai is a hotbed of tourism and business and its rich and eccentric heritage still shines through even after ages.

After visiting all the top historical sights and famous icons in the city, the Dubai museum, the famous Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, and also concluding the City tour of Abu Dhabi now wondering what to do for the rest of your trip? Get indulged in Dubai’s top eats by going on a grand food trip! Take a piece (or a bite) of the city’s culture when you feast on the delectable famous traditional cuisine.

This blog will help you get your hands on the best Arabian food and make the most of your time in the city. Continue reading

Al Machboos/Majboos

Majboos is a favorite among Emiratis, and many tourists love it in Dubai. From generation to generation, family recipes are passed down. Basmati rice and a variety of meats are served in this dish. Emirati majors, which have the distinct flavors of strong Arabian spices and a variety of vegetables, are typically served with chicken. In addition to being the main course at Iftar meals during Ramadan, chicken or meat majors are offered at all kinds of family gatherings.

Al Harees

Al Harees is a staple of Emirati food during festivals. As it boils on a low flame, the wheat and meat combine to form a thick porridge. Al Harees takes a long time to prepare, but the exquisite flavor is well worth the wait. Then, melted ghee is drizzled over the porridge, giving you a sumptuous dining experience.


When considering Emirati cuisine, you cannot afford to ignore the Luqaimat. A deep-fried doughnut made of flour, yeast, milk powder, and sugar is Dubai’s top treat to try. These tiny dumplings have a distinctive flavor thanks to cardamom and saffron. Then sesame seeds and a sufficient amount of palm date syrup are drizzled over the luqaimat making it irresistibly tasty. 


This meal, which is also known as khus or ouzi, is cooked with whole-roasted lamb or sheep and is traditionally served with veggies and hazelnuts over rice. Due to the fact that it is regarded as a complete meal in and of itself, it is undoubtedly among the most well-liked dishes in Dubai. Additionally, ghuzi is the national dish of the United Arab Emirates, therefore a visit to the region would be incomplete without it.


It is obvious to have pancakes for breakfast. This breakfast classic is so great that it is known all over the world. When you taste Chebab in Dubai, you’ll elevate your pancake game. Pancakes in Emirati cuisine are typically made with eggs, flour, and saffron; the addition of yeast results in a somewhat thicker pancake. Enjoy the sweet and sour flavor combination as it is frequently served with cream cheese and sweet date syrup, or just butter and honey.


Arabic for “beaten” is madhrouba. This classic cuisine, which is a must-try lunch option in the UAE, has its roots in the Bedouin tribe’s simple tribal way of life. Literally beating chicken with grains is how it is made. Madhrouba has a porridge-like consistency, making it both delicious and easily digested. A sprinkle of turmeric gives it that extra oomph.


Thereed is a combo of meat stew with flatbread, and potatoes. This dish is a must-try and consists of a meat broth akin to Moroccan tagine. Large chunks of potato and lamb meat are cooked together until soft. The Emirati flatbread, Iraq, goes well with this meat stew when you have it for lunch.


Rich meat curry called saloona is a Dubai specialty. The best spices are used to season the chicken, and a lot of onions, ginger, and garlic are used to make the gravy. Lunchtime dining options include Saloona and a steaming hot plate of white rice.

The list of Dubai’s must-eat meals is extensive. The Middle Eastern Island has a lot to offer the world in the form of its culinary traditions. Yes, there is an incredible range of non-vegetarian food. However, Dubai’s vegetarian cuisine is also absolutely amazing! It is highly recommended to the tourists in Dubai to put Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner at the top of their checklist if they want to relish the exquisiteness of traditional non-veg cuisine of the Arab region.