What does Dubai has to offer if you are seeking a career as a nurse

What does Dubai has to offer if you are seeking a career as a nurse

Dubai is a cutting-edge, global city that is home to some of the most breathtaking views on earth. The city is a metaphor for splendor and elegance. A lot of people visit Dubai for vacation, but many also choose this city of endless opportunities as their next career destination.

While the world continues to grapple with Covid 19 the health sector is also expanding to meet the needs of the people As a result the demand for healthcare professionals across the globe has grown tenfold. UAE’s emergence as a global health tourism destination has opened new arenas of career opportunities for k healthcare professionals. Whether you look for Nursing jobs in Dubai or are passionate about seeking a career as a doctor in UAE, let us tell you that you are on the right track.

Read this article to learn about the perks of being a professional nurse in the Emirates.

Attractive pay packages

Nurses are provided with a pretty decent pay package in Dubai whereas the salary exclusively depends upon which nurse you are referring to. Different packages are offered for varied categories of nurses, including hotel nurses, school nurses, home care nurses, government nurses, and others. The salary scale changes depending on the job’s requirements and profile.

Although speaking on average, a nurse makes about AED7000 to AED8000 a month. The packages cover all forms of lodging as well as transportation and other facilities. Although this information is approximate, it could change depending on the years of experience and qualifications.

High Standards in the Workplace

The UAE is desirable because of its flexible work schedule and high standards. According to the UAE Labour Law, employees and residents are only allowed to work a maximum of eight hours each day or 48 hours per week. During Ramadan, this limit is reduced to six hours per day. The length of an annual leave might range from 22 to 30 days.

Free Housing or Housing Allowances for Nurses

You’ll be surprised at what the hospitals in Dubai will do to hire you if you’re coming to work there as a nurse. The hospitals provide you with relocation incentives to make your move to Dubai convenient and more advantageous for you. Free lodging that is suitable for single employees will be provided to you. The lodging is typically found in compounds, a private community where all hospital personnel resides. The hospital arranges free transportation to and from the hospital as well as to the shopping centers. You will be given a substantial housing allowance if you are moving to Dubai with your family. This implies that, in addition to your paycheck, you will receive money to pay for the residence that you select for the accommodation needs of your family. 

Career and personal growth opportunities

DHA initiated programs aimed at attracting and retaining and developing the healthcare workforce for the emirate of Dubai. Moreover, the program aims to further strengthen and enhance the national healthcare workforce by the provision of a world-class medical education. The hospitals in Dubai strive to deliver a high standard of care. to ensure this they provide training to their staff, to keep them up to date with recent development and evidence-based practices

Dubai’s foreign-born population, which makes up the majority of the city’s population, offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about various cultures and their beliefs. As it supports many different sorts of beliefs throughout the world, people of different religions or cultures do not experience any form of discrimination or a sense of exclusion. After passing a brief assessment by the Dubai Health Authority, you are qualified to operate in Dubai with merely the completion of your licensing and the necessary credentials. (If you want to know more about the dha license requirements for Doctors or nurses, you can talk to experts at UHC). One can prepare for this by just concentrating on their secure future, and Dubai can serve as an advanced step on your ladder of achievement.