What Do You Need To Know About Safety Measures While Working On Scaffolding?

What Do You Need To Know About Safety Measures While Working On Scaffolding?

A crucial component of the building sector in Dubai, scaffolding facilitates laborers’ jobs and is a necessary component. Regardless of the size of the construction, it is a significant and life-saving structure for the employees. Scaffolding makes building operations simple and manageable. You use scaffolding to get to challenging spots on your construction or maintenance site. But if you don’t have the necessary scaffolding training Dubaiand you are not adequately trained in how to erect and disassemble scaffolding, it can be very dangerous. In reality, one of the most frequent sources of accidents and injuries is scaffolding.

When operating at a height, safety is the primary concern. In the construction sector, for instance, over 4500 injuries related to scaffolding occur each year, costing the sector $90 million in lost productivity and other related expenses including possible fines and higher insurance rates. A little planning can go a long way because these incidents are generally avoidable.

Employers can safeguard workers from accidents involving scaffolding in a variety of ways, including by giving them the necessary training. Employers and employees can avoid risks and mishaps while on the working site by using the following scaffolding safety advice.

Proper Training

Recent safety regulations emphasize the need for employees working on or near scaffolding to receive sufficient training and information about the scaffolds’ construction and use. This covers the right ways to climb up and down the scaffolding, how to avoid falls, and how to handle emergencies even when on the scaffolding. For the safety of everyone else on and below the scaffolding, this kind of training is crucial.

Avoid Overloading

Check the safe load limits that the scaffold’s manufacturer has provided. Even the strength of steel has a limit. The scaffolding and its components must be able to support both their own weight and four times the applied maximum load.

Regular Inspections

To maintain their structural integrity and safety, scaffolding structures need to be regularly maintained and inspected. It is necessary for the general contractor, contractor, or owner to conduct frequent and daily inspections of the structure to verify that it is still functional and safe. These inspections should check that all of the boards are still in place and that all of the components are in excellent condition. Always follow manufacturer recommendations

Weather Checks

Avoid using scaffolds when it’s windy or in poor weather. Ice and snow should be removed from the platforms. To avoid falls, take extra care.


To prevent injuries, all employees who will be on or around scaffolding must be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes non-slip boots that will grip surfaces better, specifically if they happen to be slightly damp, helmets that will guard against falling items, and high-quality gloves that will protect from cuts and abrasions, and high-quality gloves. Your safety will be enhanced to the fullest extent possible by all of it.

Avoid using the scaffold as a ladder

The use of a scaffold (or anything other than a proper ladder) to ascend the scaffold is another obvious precaution that can be easily overlooked or disregarded. Although a scaffold makes an impressive and intriguing climbing frame, it is not safe to climb on the outside of a tall, potentially unstable platform. To resist the temptation of using the scaffold, make sure employees have easy access to scaffold ladders and that there is a ladder nearby when they are working regularly in one place.

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