What do you know about the sharjah publishing city freezone

What do you know about the sharjah publishing city freezone

The first free zone concept in the world specifically designed to serve the worldwide publishing and printing business is Sharjah Publishing City. A business owner can successfully operate their publishing company in the free zone and contribute to the vibrant local and regional publishing ecosystem to help manage a successful publishing company. The free zone also offers all the infrastructure and services necessary along with a business-friendly atmosphere.

Choosing the appropriate Sharjah publishing city license is the first step in the establishment of a business. Every license is designed around particular commercial pursuits and industries. Investors in Sharjah Publishing City must exercise caution while picking a trade license because the wrong choice could have a negative impact on the company. The right Best visa services UAE can be selected by investors with the aid of business setup specialists in the UAE. Four different categories of commerce licenses are issued by Sharjah Publishing City i.e. E-commerce License, Service License, Commercial License, and General Trading License.

Sharjah Publishing City’s business environment attracts foreign investors because the free zone takes advantage of its advantageous location, creates an atmosphere that is welcoming to investors, and delivers integrated business solutions under one roof. For a variety of businesses, Sharjah Publishing City is the favored location for business setup. In this situation, it is important to consider the factors that continue to make Sharjah’s free zone a magnet for foreign investors. Let’s explore some of the additional advantages that the free zone provides.

  • A company founded in a free zone won’t be obligated to pay taxes to the government. This includes any taxes imposed on earnings, withholdings, businesses, imports, exports, or capital gains. Due to its contribution of 48% of the UAE’s total industrial production, Sharjah ranks among the top 10 Gulf cities for business. The free zones in Sharjah also provide a number of benefits to lure prospective business owners to establish a presence there.
  • World-Class Infrastructure: In the UAE, having a robust infrastructure and contemporary amenities is essential for corporate success. Modern facilities are provided by Sharjah Publishing City to the investors so they can operate their enterprises successfully. The following amenities are provided by Sharjah Publishing City:
  • Coworking facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Shell and core locations for retail
  • Warehouse locations
  • Spaces for storage
  • The Free Zones of Sharjah offers a number of extra advantages, such as 100% foreign ownership, complete capital repatriation, and cutting-edge infrastructure are all offered with NO taxes or tariffs.
  • Companies established in the Sharjah emirate will benefit from the 66 double taxation agreements the UAE has with various foreign countries. These agreements drastically lower an individual’s tax obligation.
  • There is a misperception that the Sharjah Publishing City free zone is exclusive to publishing businesses. This is incorrect because the free zone allows for more than 1,500 business operations that span a wide range of industries, including publishing, retail & wholesale, and services & consultancy activities. Among the noteworthy pursuits in these domains are:
    • publication of books, photography, and advertising ( publishing activities)
    • General trading, e-commerce, and household products wholesale (retail & wholesale activities)
    • Management consulting, tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and educational services ( services & consultancy sector)
  • Traditionally, a firm with a free zone license is only permitted to conduct business inside the free zone’s limits. Free zone enterprises are not authorized to conduct business in the mainland area, according to UAE business laws. However, in order to get around this ban, Sharjah Publishing City provided Dual Licenses to qualified businesses. Businesses that have a dual license are able to expand into the Sharjah mainland. The fact that these businesses can operate from their free zone office eliminates the need for them to create a separate office for their mainland operations. Investors can get help from Sharjah business setup consultants to get a dual license.

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