Top Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Emergency

Top Reasons to Visit a Dentist in Emergency

If you are feeling an uncomfortable pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw, you might think you can take care of it alone. You might feel like doing some hot water gargles can lessen the pain. Well, you can definitely give it a try, but that’s likely not going to help you much. So, what do you think you need to do? You need to visit a dentist immediately. You should not think of visiting the dentist at a regular appointment. Delaying the visit to the dentist might worsen the condition. Therefore, it is better to take care of the oral issue as soon as possible.

Even if you feel like visiting a dentist after working hours, you can look for a nearby after hours dentist. You can easily search for an after hours dentist near you and visit him/her at the earliest. For instance, if you stay in Canberra and want to visit a dentist there, you can search and visit an after hours dentist in Canberra.

However, if you are unsure about the reasons why you should visit a dentist immediately, the next section of this blog will help you. We have listed some situations when you have to think about visiting a dentist immediately, even if you need to make an after hours visit.

Situations When You Have No Other Option Than to Visit an After Hour Dentist

  • Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

A severely broken tooth can cause severe pain, making it uncomfortable to live your everyday life. Also, a knocked-out tooth can cause severe bleeding and pain. To deal with these oral issues, you need immediate treatment. Otherwise, you might worsen the condition and even result in losing the tooth. Also, delaying further might cost you more to get the problem fixed. In addition to that, you might need a more invasive treatment, causing you more pain and making you uncomfortable.

  • Unexplained Tooth Pain

Maybe you are feeling some pain in the right anterior of your upper jaw or somewhere else, but you are suffering from pain. You are just experiencing unexplainable tooth pain. The unexpected and unexplainable tooth pain can be because of many different reasons. So, don’t bear with the unbearable pain and visit a nearby dentist immediately.

  • Missing Filling or Crown

If you have just noticed that your tooth crown has become loose or the tooth filling has come off, you need immediate dental service. Other than that, if you have a strange taste of pennies in your mouth sometimes, don’t ignore the pain or the bad feeling. You need to visit your dentist as soon as you can. If you wait for too long before you actually visit a dentist, then you might have to go through more invasive treatment. To avoid that, don’t ignore your pain and suffering.

  • Facial Swelling

Facial swelling can occur if you have any kind of tooth infection, trauma, or abscess. If you notice swelling around your lower cheeks or jaw line,  do not hesitate to visit the emergency dentist. Even sometimes, these swellings are accompanied by some oral pain. It can be caused due to gum disease, wisdom tooth growth, or a deficiency of Vitamin C.

  • Serious Dental Injury Caused

If you ever sustain a dental injury while playing a sport like football, hockey, basketball, or baseball, you need immediate dental attention. You need to get an emergency dental service before the condition worsens. Otherwise, you might end up losing your precious tooth. So, take the needed step and save your teeth.

The Final Say….

It was hard to find a dentist in emergency situations years ago. However, things are no longer the same. You can easily make an emergency dental appointment round the clock. So, if you search for an emergency dental service, you can visit an after hours dentist in Canberra. It won’t be a big deal to find a dentist in case of an emergency in Canberra. Just do your research and book an appointment.

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