Top qualities of nursing jobs

Top qualities of nursing jobs

Dubai is home to a large healthcare sector where a nurse has a huge responsibility to play. It is a profession that requires intelligence and passion to work in tough conditions.

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” —Dag Hammarskjöld, Swedish economist and diplomat

Just like in any other country, Nursing jobs in Dubai has a challenging environment to prove their worth and dwell in their career. As per Top healthcare recruiting companies in Dubai, you need to show extraordinary qualities as a nurse to find better employment opportunities. Based on our interaction with qualified nurses, healthcare professionals, and medical recruiters, below are some of the top qualities that are expected from a nurse.


Nursing is not an easy job. It requires you to stand on your toes for a long time and meet the needs of the patients. The nurses who have a passion to work hard and engage in physical exertion are the ones who can survive in this challenging job. It is this hard work and passion to serve the patients that make the nurses enjoy better employment opportunities as well.


Experienced nurses have a better shot at finding high-paying jobs in Dubai. It is undoubtedly one of the defining traits of nurses. But in nursing, the experience is not only gauged by the number of years a nurse has served but also by the nature of exposure she/he got during her employment. A nurse that has worked in different departments and challenging situations is considered more experienced and professional.


The top nurses are the ones that have extensive knowledge about patient care. Even though they are not medical experts, they should have basic knowledge of the human anatomy, pathophysiology, and warning signs in the patients. A professional nurse prefers to acquire knowledge as much as possible to understand their patients well.


Having strong communication skills is one of the top traits of professional nurses. Especially working in a metropolitan like Dubai, they get to deal with patients with different backgrounds and ethnicities. Moreover, they are also on the frontline to deal not only with patients but families as well. They should be able to communicate with the patients, attendants, doctors, and other supervisors to follow directions and provide care.


Apart from professional skills, nurses must be compassionate and empathetic to understand the suffering of the patients. As they attend to the patients, they should listen to what their patients have to say in their state of discomfort and pain. If the attending nurse is compassionate, patients feel at ease and relaxed even in distress.


Being a professional nurse, you need to be patient and in control of your temper. The nurses sometimes have to bear the wrath of the complaining patients or attendants and see people suffer, or even casualties in some cases. In such a scenario, the nurses have to keep control of their emotions and stay composed no matter how the situation evolves.


There is no doubt in saying that Medical license UAE is the most challenging and demanding job. You might need to work in operation theaters to assist surgeons in long operations, overwork shifts, cover other colleagues, etc. The nurses who go out of their way to serve the patients and spend more time with time restraints are likely to succeed in their careers.

Attention to Detail

Whether it is working in the Operation Theater, Emergency Room, Critical Care Units, or general wards, nurses have to work under immense pressure. They have to provide care to critical patients and there is room for error in it. Even a small mistake for such patients could lead to unimaginable loss. Therefore, nurses need to have a sharp mind and an active presence on their duty. They need to have a strong sense and pay attention to detail to catch even little irregularities in the patients under their care. Any Medical and healthcare jobs in UAE prefers to hire a nurse that has a strong presence of mind and pays attention to the details.