Thoughtful inexpensive gift ideas

Thoughtful inexpensive gift ideas

Giving gifts to your close ones is always considered polite. Many people take it upon themselves to buy an exquisite gift to surprise their loved ones and sometimes go out of their way to express their emotions. However, gifts are not about spending more money in fact it is about showing your efforts and emotions. As the saying goes, “It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.” If you are not in a position to spend hefty amounts getting expensive gifts, no need to stress out because you can still win hearts by giving inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts. In this post, we will share some inexpensive gift ideas.


Flowers are the best way to surprise anyone on their special day. With the latest services, you can even order online flower delivery if you are unable to go in person to meet your friend and gift them flowers. You must keep in mind the right type of flowers as per the occasion as different flowers denote special kinds of specialties and qualities such as red flowers are usually used to show love for the beloved, while purple-colored are used to wish success. Similarly, you can use pink flowers for her and blue for him if you are following by gender. Flowers are affordable and easy to pick from any flower shop delivery dubai without having to waste time looking for them.


Books make the perfect gifts as it is said that a book is a gift that you can open again and again. If you are aware of your dear one’s choices and preferences, you can opt for an interesting book to gift. If you are not aware of which kind of book to buy then try thinking smartly. Think of the person, you are buying a book for, is more interested in fiction or realities. If the person is into fiction, then search or follow recommendations for best-selling novels or look for famous authors. If the other person is more into non-fiction, then look for autobiographies, collections, articles, analysis, reflections of inspiring and accomplished personalities.


Diaries or journals are also considered thoughtful gifts. Instead of going with simple diaries, opt for those that are sectioned in interesting ways, or made with fine leather, or finest paper quality. To give a personalized look, you can also ask the sellers to emboss the name or initials of the person on the diary. Moreover, you can write a heartfelt note yourself in the diary so the person remembers your thoughts and wishes for a long time.


Though not as thoughtful, candles are still considered a delightful gift to surprise your loved ones. The warmth of candles symbolizes your love and support for your dearests. Candles are used across the world to depict emotions and believes that are sacred for many. For a gift, you can opt for scented candles that are loved because of their beautiful fragrance when put to light. You can also opt for candles with essential oils to give a therapeutic effect to it to lift the soul and mood of your dear one.


Perfumes are loved by all men and women alike. Though a bit expensive gift than others, perfume is always a win-win option for a gift. Moreover, there is a huge variety of perfumes available in the market so it gives a lot of flexibility to choose one that fits your budget. You can also look for the best perfume in dubai with price on the internet to have a fair idea that if it fits your budget or not.