This Ramadan, Dehli Catering’s Iftar Buffet is a must-try

This Ramadan, Dehli Catering’s Iftar Buffet is a must-try

Enjoy an Iftar Buffet this Ramadan at Dehli Catering

During one of our visits to Dubai, we discovered this hidden treasure — Dehli Catering restaurant. We were searching for a Dubai iftar with a Pakistani / Indian touch, and what more iftar combo pack option could there have been than Dehli Catering.

Our crew was greeted with various culinary alternatives while walking through the first level of this friendly neighborhood mall, including the famed Gazebo Indian Restaurant, but something about Dehli Catering attracted us. Perhaps the exquisite aroma of delicious Indian spices piqued our olfactory sensibilities as we passed by, or maybe it was the trendy, warm, and inviting environment.

It was just 7 p.m., a few minutes before iftar could be declared, yet the place was already 80 percent full. Surprisingly, most of the diners at this café were Emirati or Arab nationalities.

There were a few odd Indians and other ethnicities in the mix, but the majority of the people wore pandoras. We could tell there was something exceptional about the place based on the nature of the gathering. We jumped in to try the taste.

Two pleasant waiters called us in, alerting us to the available seats. We found a relatively quiet and unremarkable spot with huge tables and a comfortable leather sofa. A server dashed to our table with a platter of neatly cut watermelon and fresh dates – the traditional food served at Roza iftar party Dubai. There was a plate of Chicken Malai Tikka and Aloo Masala for starters.

 The Starters :

To start our Iftar party in Dubai, we broke our fast with dates and melons before moving to the other appetizers on the table. The Malai Tikka was fresh, delicate, and delicious. The Aloo Masala was spicy hot, but it was still tasty.

The Main Course:

There was Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Lamb and Potato curry, and a variety of other seafood dishes for the main course. There was Veg. Jalfrezi and Dal Tadka for vegetarians. Our Ramadan menu was a weekly rotating one, with daily options changing. 

The chicken biryani was well-cooked, less spicy, and topped with finely toasted cashew nuts, giving it a premium flavor. The chicken slices were moist, bite-sized, and delicious. Unlike numerous other Indian restaurants who over-spice their Biryani, Dehli Catering’s Biryani was a welcome change.

The lamb curry was delicious, and the meat pieces were tender. So was the butter chicken curry, which was creamy, somewhat spicy, and delicious. The Veg Jalfrezi was a delightful mixture of fresh vegetables mixed. Aside from the buffet set menu, we also purchased a couple of dishes from their a la carte menu.

Garlic naan, mint paratha, stuffed kulcha, lamb vindaloo, and kadhai prawns were among the dishes we ordered. I also ordered some food packed as a take-out for my significant other, a vegetarian food aficionado.

The Juices:

After a delightful supper, we decided to wash it down with some fresh juices. Watermelon juice was delicious and refreshing. There was also a range of cocktails. If Soda isn’t your thing, we recommend fresh fruit juice, mango or mint Lassi, or even gentle coconut juice.

 The Dessert:

The desserts were bite-sized servings of Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, and Gajar Ka Halwa, the right amount and a delightful ending to the fantastic meal. Dehli Catering restaurant has an A la carte menu with a range of Indian meals, so if you don’t want to overindulge in an iftar buffet but want to enjoy your preferences, you may order from it or ask the waiter for recommendations on their specialty dishes.

The staff is amicable and courteous, and during our visit, a polite waiter entertained us with his pleasant conversation and ensured that we had the best dining experience that evening.

His friendly smile gladdened our hearts, add to that, the impeccable and quick service during one of the restaurant’s busiest hours impressed us.

Dehli Catering reflects quality in every aspect.  Dehli Catering is premium in every word, whether the chic ambiance, exceptional service, or superb food.  The fresh and innovative specialties on their menu offer bold yet simple flavors created by giving a new twist to the Indian classics to provide the best dining experience and the Best iftar party in Dubaicatering service.

Our Verdict: 

Dehli Catering is a warm and welcoming retreat for friends and family who want to celebrate iftar together, relax, and enjoy high-quality food. We highly recommend trying their Iftar buffet or Roza iftar party Dubai catering service, and we are sure it will not disappoint even the most seasoned food critic.