The most pervasive problem in the advanced digital marketing course

The most pervasive problem in the advanced digital marketing course

Digital marketing is a popular and lucrative course in today’s times fulfilling industry requirements and seems to be selling out like hot cakes. But everything comes with positive and negative aspects and this is true for digital marketing also. There are some problems that everyone experiences once while doing the advanced digital marketing course in Noida.

They are:—

  1. Finding a strong standing or online presence—The biggest problem in digital marketing for businesses is to find a strong standing against bigger competitors without having a proper digital marketing budget. The reach and communication impact of the larger and known brands is much more than newbies. This problem is aggravated because Google’s search algorithm has a slight bias and favor toward some popular brands. So the larger competing brands get an unfair advantage over others. And there arise sustainability issues in the market for the smaller and nascent brands.

2.No conversions but clicks—-One of the most common digital marketing issues faced by businesses is that there are a lot many clicks but no conversions. It is very frustrating to see and spend money for clicks but find no measurable lift in sales.

3. Ineffective landing pages—Another issue is the landing page. A bad landing page can turn away even the very interested potential customers. The landing page is a very important part of a website. They should ideally be simple, and easy to use with a sophisticated layout that will keep the user on the page. They should be fast loading because a landing page that takes time to load after the ad is clicked will be left and abandoned.

4. Ranking issues—The competition in SEO is very challenging. Based on the location and industry you will get many competitors vouching for the same few spots on Google’s front page. So page ranking is a difficult thing on Google.

5. Social media presence—It is not easy to get engagement with your audience via social media. The frequency of your posts will depend on the business type and the social media channel. If you post inconsistently like once in a month it’s more likely that you will be forgotten soon. In general, one post per day on Facebook and Linkedin is the

best bet for good engagement. But it does not mean that more posts are better in any way. One should offer posts of real value to the viewer. Anything that is posted should be interesting and engaging. A business should be really social where it interacts with the customers in the real sense.

6. Customer knowledge—The targeting of an audience is a very important factor in digital marketing. In today’s times as SEO and paid advertising becoming more and more competitive you cannot waste time or money on content and keywords which are too generic and targeted poorly. It’s important to know about the customers and to target the right audience. A good tool for this is a buyer persona which lets you understand your typical customer better.

7. Generation of qualified leads—Almost all businesses survive on leads. In 2022 paid ads like Facebook and Google ads can rise in cost. Lead generation is getting more competitive day by day, so it has become necessary to deliver valuable prospects before closing a sale deal. And the savvy marketers will have to learn to leverage some less costly lead generation strategies like Linkedin networking, use video marketing and develop interactive channels like webinars and virtual conferences.

8. Cash flow management—-In economically challenging times, most businesses suffer from cash flow problems. So then business owners and marketers need to be extra careful about how to manage their cash flows.

9. Creation of engaging content—The field of content marketing keeps on evolving and will remain a crucial field for digital marketers too. The customers and prospects are steadily hungry for new and fresh content which should be informational and solution savvy. Today the contents that are most popular are short-form videos, live streaming content, podcasts, and Facebook and Instagram stories. And the audiences like interactive content which gives people a chance to express their opinions.

10. Complacency issues with privacy and data sharing regulations—Businesses need to be compliant with the privacy rules and make sure that their website is transparent about its policies on cookies, data sharing, and privacy. A company needs to improve the email deliverability feature to make sure that the people who are part of your email list continue to get emails in their inbox rather than in the spam folder.

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11. Website accessibility—Accessibility is another fast-evolving issue that website owners should know and understand. An accessible website can be utilized by people with visual, hearing, or any other kind of impairment.

12. Mobile-friendly strategy—People generally browse and shop from smartphones and tablets mostly. So a mobile-friendly approach is an important requirement for website owners. So all the features of a website must be tested on multiple devices and should be optimized totally which is a challenge for many companies.

13. Dynamic platforms issue—As the algorithms are changing constantly on every platform it becomes difficult to keep track when a company is indulging in multi-channel marketing.

14. Unpredictability in buying behavior of consumers—With the coming of the internet, the world has become a smaller place and kind of a big bustling marketplace which means more aware clients and a better variety of options available in different sectors. So this leads to confusion in the buying pattern of consumers and unpredictability in it too.

15. Consumer-centric approach—The world market has taken up a consumer-centric approach with evolving expectations attached to them. Now customers like personalization and find it better when the companies tend to their needs which in itself is a challenging thing to do.

16. Updation with the fast-changing trends—It is important to include digital marketing trends in a company’s marketing strategy but it is a difficult challenge to measure up to too. And when Google and other platforms update their algorithm sets to create a better experience for the user such updates tamper with the SEO and SMM efforts of brands.


Digital marketing is undoubtedly one of the best job-oriented courses to be done in today’s times. But it comes with its share of pros and cons. It provides valuable learning but has some challenges attached to it too. But then Edwesome Pvt ltd is a reputed agency providing digital marketing courses with placement in Noida. It is a certified and legitimate agency providing advanced digital marketing courses in Noida. And it follows all the norms to be ranked as the best digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR. 

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