The Magic Of Adding Water Features To Your Swimming Pool

The Magic Of Adding Water Features To Your Swimming Pool

When you imagine adding a swimming pool to your backyard, you may envision yourself staring at the dazzling blue water, doing morning laps, or relaxing in cold water under the hot summer heat of Dubai. Did you know there are things you can add to your pool to make it more enjoyable and exciting? While a having a glistening body of water in your backyard is enjoyable in and of itself, you may enhance the experience by incorporating swimming pool water features. It might be difficult to choose which pool feature is ideal for you, from spillover spas and cascades to deck jets and grottos. Each has its own individuality and degree of design intricacy. Here are some of the best swimming pool water features that you should consider and discuss with the swimming pool design dubai company to retroactively create the exciting feature-filled pool of your dreams.


Cascade waterfall features are generally at the top of everyone’s plan when it comes to pool features. Why? Because they are breathtaking and add a natural vibe to the design. A grotto is a sort of waterfall that is commonly found in Mermaid-style pools. Pool grottos are known for their flowing waterfalls that cascade from realistic (or occasionally fake) rocks and into the pool.

Swimming Pool Scuppers

Scuppers are water-flowing apertures or spouts that are often positioned on a high ledge or wall. Scuppers, like other water features, give a visual boost as well as a pleasant background sound to your pool. Scuppers are available in a range of styles and sizes, allowing you to select the size and design that you want.

The impact of lighting

Lighting can give your water feature a new depth. Lighting and water features go hand in hand. Light may transform your swimming pool water feature into a spectacular vision to enchant the senses, from dancing colored lights to subtle mood lighting.

Sheer Descents

Sheers descending waterfalls create a clean arc of water that projects out from a raised wall into your swimming pool, creating a stunning focal point. The flow of steep descents may be changed to provide a variety of effects. The sounds of sheer descent water features can be as quiet as a glass-like sheet of water or as loud as a roaring alpine pool waterfall. Sheer descent pool waterfalls come in a variety of diameters, ranging from one foot to eight feet. When choosing which sheer drop pool waterfall is perfect for your family, keep in mind that the longer the waterfalls, the louder the sound.

The Rain Curtain

A pool rain curtain may be the perfect pool feature for you if you’re seeking pool drama. A rain curtain water feature is often installed on a wall or pergola roof and seems like a falling wall of water, with water cascading spectacularly into the pool. Rain curtains are frequently associated with Glam style pools due to the high-end, opulent appearance they provide.


Pool water fountains are water embellishments that burst from your swimming pool into the air. If adding a touch of creativity to your pool is your concept of the ideal backyard retreat, then swimming pool water fountain features are for you.

Jet Pencil

This water feature is one of a kind. When your family and guests view it, the thin, fast water flow provides a “WOW Factor.” Pencil jets, as opposed to a pool waterfall, shoot streams of water from your pool deck into your pool. It’s a striking feature that pairs well with a geometric pool.

Water Bowls

This accessory, sometimes known as a water pot or water wok, is one of the pool-design innovations that have emerged in the last decade. These round or square bowls are available in a variety of concrete colors and metal textures ranging from stainless steel to hammered copper. Select the form and finish that will complement a modern or organic pool look. As you can see, there are several methods to make your swimming pool more appealing and distinct from the rest. Installing a water feature is a low-cost option to add value to your existing pool. Hire experts from Green Paradise, one of the best swimming pool companies in dubai, for all kinds of magnificent and impressive swimming pool designs with water features.