Specifications of a good ID Card Printer

Specifications of a good ID Card Printer

With the ever-increasing security requirements of today’s technologically advanced society, secure identification systems are one way that workgroups and businesses can begin to protect themselves. Cardline can assist in this effort by providing users with the proper ID card printer for their systems. Whether it’s fargo smart card printer you need or the Heidi printer you are looking for, Cardline is your one-stop shop for all your printing needs.

Purchasing your own ID card printer makes sense if your company frequently prints IDs for employees, students, or clients. Instead of continuously outsourcing the task to a third-party organization, this can be a more cost- and time-efficient strategy. Finding the finest ID card printer is, of course, the most important step in this process.

The actual trick is picking one that matches the size and card needs of your organization. Smaller firms shouldn’t actually spend too much money on a system that can handle high volume runs or has capabilities they don’t require. To put it another way, larger businesses will quickly become frustrated if they purchase a printer that is inadequate for their needs.

So here’s the guide to what you should look for when buying one!

Number Of Sides

Identification card printers are typically available in single- or dual-sided configurations. The sole distinction is that dual-side printers may simultaneously print on both sides of a card. Your choice of printer is entirely up to you; just make sure it meets your demands for printing ID. Having a dual-side printer will help you save time and trouble if you want to print many cards or cards that are very complex. Spend less on the single-side printer if your needs are simpler. Just be sure to take both your current and future needs into consideration.

Printing Speed

The identity card printer is typically used by businesses to print several badges at once, after which it is generally left dormant until the next significant print job. Because of this, print speed is a crucial factor. You may experience annoyance backlogs, missed deadlines, or deteriorated equipment if your printer cannot handle the amount you require of it. Always check the print speed for both color and monochrome print jobs.

How many ID cards will you be printing annually?

Knowing how many ID cards you’ll print annually is also useful. Are you planning to print 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, or more ID cards each year? To cut down on supply and labor costs, businesses with medium to high annual printing needs may wish to invest in a more expensive printer upfront.


Identification card printers are intricate devices with numerous moving parts that get through a lot of use. All that wear and tear makes even the best ones subject to issues. Find a printer with a warranty that covers both the printer’s hardware and its most critical component, the printheads. In this way, if you ever experience an issue, you may have it fixed by an experienced technician quickly and affordably.

Security Features

An identifying card printer with a USB port and Ethernet connection will probably be useful as part of your networked office. If you intend to connect your printer to a network, these characteristics are both a benefit and a potential drawback. You might be inviting the very threats your ID badges are designed to thwart if malicious actors can interfere with your printer from offsite. The best course of action is to opt for a printer with the most cutting-edge security measures already built in. The extra expense you incur now is significantly less than the price of a replacement printer in the future. Making a list of all the features you need from your entire ID card system and then looking for the printer that can deliver the most of them is a smart method when comparing identity card printers. Additionally, it is always worthwhile to speak with an expert directly if you have any questions or concerns. Get all the details you require, from id card printing cost to the details about warranties, by getting in touch with the experts at Cardline.