Scorpion Infestation Safety Tips

Scorpion Infestation Safety Tips

On the mainland, it is rare to catch a scorpion in a house in Dubai. However, people living near mountainous areas or close to the desert, often complain of having scorpion infestation in their houses. As the development work has expanded in Dubai, the human interaction with nature has increased and it has become popular to build large villas and farmhouses in exclusive and secluded places in the city. Since Dubai enjoys diversity in its landscape, people can choose to live along the coast, near mountains, in greener areas, or near the desert. This close contact with nature sometimes results in unfamiliar interaction with other living beings that love to nestle in the wild. Many residents in the farthest areas complain of finding scorpions in their homes that can inflict harm to humans. To get rid of these harmful creatures, they seek the help of pest control services Dubai in case of an extraordinary presence. Finding a scorpion in the house once in a couple of years is completely normal, however, if you notice their presence twice or thrice in the season, take it as a sign of infestation.

If you are also living in the suburbs of Dubai or anywhere in UAE, you need to adopt some precautions to secure your house from scorpions. Follow the tips below to secure your house from the infestation of scorpions.

Step no. 1 Inspect the property

If you come into a contact with a scorpion in your house, there may be more hiding in the house. To make sure your house is free of scorpions, you need to make a thorough search of the property. Wear good quality gloves and boots to ensure your safety. Use a flashlight in darker areas and look below wood piles, rocks, cracks, etc. to find where they are coming from. If you are lucky enough to find their hiding spot or know where they are coming from, half of your problem is solved. The other problem lies in using the right kind of insecticide and blocking their entry.

Step no. 2 Remove food sources

Scorpions love to feats on smaller insects such as crickets, spiders, lizards, and other scorpions. To make sure they stay away from your house, remove these food sources. Make your house free of these pests so that scorpions do not find anything attractive to come after.

Step no. 3 Use Sealers

This is a crucial part to block the entry of the scorpions. To make their entry, scorpions do not need a large vacuum even a smaller crack is enough to slip through. Count the doors and windows that are acting as the entry points to your house. Install effective sealers below the door and around the windows to block the entry of scorpions and other insects. Make sure that the doors are tightly shut when they are closed leaving no gap. The next part is to look for drain holes and cover them with lids.

Step no. 4 Mow the lawn

A shaggy and unkempt lawn is an open invitation to not only scorpions but several other harmful pests. Keep your lawn trimmed, and remove dry leaves and heaps of garbage in time. Scorpions love to nestle under stones and dirt so keep a check on all such places. Moreover, keep all landscaping at least 2 feet away from the entry door in the interior of the buildings. If the lawn or plants are placed too close to the entry door, the pests are likely to make their way into the house easily.

Step no. 5 Use Sticky trap sprays

If you are aware of the entry points of scorpions, install sticky traps to catch them. These traps are also useful to catch other pests such as rodents. Other than the trap, use insecticides such as chemical sprays to kill their nests and hiding places. You can easily get these sprays or liquids from the market or pest control services. Use the spray in the interior of the house and close the doors for at least two hours to contain its effect.

Step no. 06 Call Professional

The last resort in your fight against the scorpion is calling for the experts’ help. A well-equipped and experienced pest control company Dubai knows what works against scorpions. They can identify the signs of scorpion infestation and are aware of their usual hiding points. Seeking the help of professionals will let you get rid of scorpions effectively.