Online Distance bba Courses in india

Online Distance bba Courses in india

A Distance Learning BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a degree that makes a candidate enter the realm of marketing opportunities. A BBA graduate has the opportunity to gain employment in multinational corporations as well as to embrace the chance of becoming an entrepreneur, which is an added advantage. In terms of understanding market theorems and identifying potential businesses, a BBA is an excellent option for entering a financially successful career. Following is the list of some top distance education colleges and their fees:


Fee Structure:

The three-year course is available at 1.22 lakh.


Fee Structure:

The fee of the course is INR 25000 per semester.

Lovely Professional University

Fee Structure:

Per semester cost of BBA distance education is 9,400 INR. Exam fee is 1000 INR and the study material would cost around 1000 INR again.

Teerthanker Mahaveer University

Fee Structure:

The fee for a complete distance education program is 124200 INR.

Bharathiar University

Fee Structure:

There is a different fee for different BBA specializations. Candidates can calculate their estimated fees by logging on to the university’s distance education website. For general BBA, the fee is INR 4900 per year.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Fee Structure:

The total course fee is 27,000 INR.

Jaipur National University

Fee Structure:

The fee for the three years course is 36,000 INR which excludes the prospectus fees of 500 INR and examination fees of 500 INR.

Sikkim Manipal University

Fee Structure:

Per semester cost of BBA DE is 16,250 INR which includes the examination fees of 5,000 INR. Fees can be paid semester-wise or annually as well.

Annamalai University

Fee Structure:

An annual payment of 22,500 INR would be required. The cost of study material is another 1500 INR, to be paid annually.

Suresh Gyan Vihar University

 Fee Structure: 

Candidates can pay 72,000 INR in full. Otherwise, at the time of admission, submission of 26,400 INR is required. Per semester cost is 13,200 INR.


  • Effortless learning

It has been reported recently that online distance BBA program students spend five times as much time on multimedia content as regular students. This is due to distance education students’ conveniences of space and time, as well as the fact that they learn at their own pace, which gives them more control over how well they grasp the material.

  • Allows students to connect

Distance education programs can connect seamlessly with classmates, tutors, and friends thanks to the percolation of the Internet. Students can also communicate with their batch mates, tutors, and friends through different chat methods. All of this can be done from their homes.

  • Cost-effective course

The cost of enrolment in a distance education college fees is very affordable for students who cannot afford the fees of a full-time full-time BBA course. A distance education BBA course charges only tuition fees for enrolled students, which allows students to obtain the same amount of knowledge at a much lower cost.

  • Expanded networking opportunities

Distance education students are connected seamlessly to a wider network of peers and influencers across the globe, compared to classroom full-time BBA students, who meet only their classmates for the majority of the day. As a result, their knowledge is greatly strengthened.

The personal contact programs which some of the distance programs offer, allow the students to interact.

  • Better career opportunities

Most of the students that opt for a BBA distance education program are usually working elsewhere on a full-time or part-time basis Doing the course while on the job opens up new avenues for their career advancement This is a major advantage as it also helps to boost their prospects of better jobs in the future.

  • Convenient

The convenience of distance education for BBA programs allows those who can’t spend time in class to be able to take the course at their convenience.

  • Increased demand

Moreover, a BBA qualification with good scores can easily help an aspirant land an entry-level position in marketing, finance, or HR. It is a course in high demand since it can serve as a stepping stone to an MBA, which is in greater demand.


The need for BBA distance learning arises as it provides the following benefits:

  • BBA graduates can get many jobs in many industries when they graduate from online and distance education. BBA graduates may get jobs in Marketing, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Banking, and even in fields such as PR and advertising, digital marketing, retail, and e-commerce. Various job profiles in Real Estate, such as Office Executive, Assistant Marketing, Sales Officer, etc., are available.
  • TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, HDFC Bank, Infosys, Deloitte, ICICI, Mahindra, Kotak, etc have offers and profiles for BBA graduates.
  • The majority of students decide to pursue a job right after completing their BBA. Even students who will pursue a master’s degree in the future often seek employment experience. Many MBA programs, especially Executive MBA programs, require work experience as a requirement.
  • Though MBA after BTech is a common trend, pursuing MBA after BBA is a beneficial option as students of BBA already have some knowledge related to management and administration Many students start a new business or take over their family business after BBA. This is a result of the skills earned by them during their BBA course.


Thus, it can be concluded that Distance education means there is no physical presence of a child required in the class, the course can be done through distance. Earlier, this involved correspondence courses, and now it involves online education. A distance MBA learning program can be completely distant from the campus and involve traditional classroom methods.

When it comes to advantages, it is flexible as well as budget-friendly. It happens to be difficult for some families to afford the high costs of education; distance learning is a relief in such cases. Distance BBA course is also a considerable decision for disabled students.

As a result of distance learning, outlying areas will have access to top-notch BBA colleges even if there are no educational facilities in them.

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