OET is to give healthcare professionals the international exposure

OET is to give healthcare professionals the international exposure

The exam offers an accurate and trustworthy evaluation of each of the four language abilities—listening, reading, writing, and speaking—with a focus on the kinds of communication necessary in healthcare settings.

Patient security and the standard of treatment

OET was created primarily to satisfy the linguistic requirements of the healthcare industry. In order to ensure patient safety and high standards of care, test materials are created in conjunction with subject experts and duplicate the English language proficiency needed in such settings. Candidates learn precisely the kind of language they would use on a daily basis at work while preparing for the OET. Take IELTS preparation in Sharjah with us!

One of the major benefits of an English-for-Specific-Purposes test like the OET over more academically generic assessments is that test preparation also prepares you for the communication needs of the business.

OET reliable and valid

OET is a reliable and valid way to evaluate a healthcare professional’s English language proficiency. The exam is owned by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment, a partnership between the Box Hill Institute and Cambridge Assessment English, the company that created the IELTS.

OET is supported by ongoing research conducted by Cambridge Assessment English as well as the University of Melbourne, and it is updated as needed at regular intervals to keep the test pertinent to the healthcare sector. The Writing sub-test assessment criteria were updated in 2019, while the most recent significant test update occurred in September 2018.

All exams are double-marked by skilled examiners, and results are subjected to meticulous statistical analysis to verify validity and reliability. Contact us for certified nursing assistant training online.

Given the test’s high stakes, security is essential for both the test’s administration and the mechanism we use to verify the findings. World-class applicant identity checking technology is used at all OET test locations, and malpractice checks are conducted at various stages of the testing process.

The OET online outcomes verification service enables OET recognizing organizations to quickly and accurately verify the validity of OET results. The service gives users access to a safe, encrypted database where they may check the performance of applicants. Additionally, a candidate must grant the verifier authorization in the system before the verifier can view their findings, safeguarding the privacy of the candidate.

Leading healthcare institutes have acknowledged you

In the USA, Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Namibia, and the Ukraine, among other countries and regions, OET is recognized by healthcare regulators and educational institutions, including:

  • Medical Council, General (UK)
  • The Council for Nursing and Midwifery (UK)
  • Health Practitioners Regulation Authority of Australia (AHPRA)
  • Clinical Council (Ireland)
  • The Irish Nurses and Midwives Board
  • Educational Commission for Graduates in Foreign Medicine
  • Florida Board of Nursing, Oregon State Body of Nursing, Foundation for Advancement of Global Medical Education and Research (ECFMG®|FAIMER®)

OET is also approved for immigration and visa reasons in Australia and New Zealand. We have carefully examined OET, and we are certain that it will continue to guarantee that only individuals with a high-level of English will meet the necessary requirement in addition to providing greater flexibility for physicians eager to work in the UK. Acquire your seat at one of the OET training centers in Sharjah.

What is in the OET test?

The Reading and Listening subtests measure a candidate’s comprehension of the spoken & written English using exercises and material relevant to health that apply to all professions. Each of the 12 healthcare professions that the exam covers has a unique Writing and Speaking subtest that is tailored to that profession and intended to reflect typical tasks carried out in that profession’s workplace.