Never create redundant ceremony in your writing – do not capitalize words when not required

Never create redundant ceremony in your writing – do not capitalize words when not required

Many people do it a lot in many types of writing for investment, Bank, press releases, news article or blog posts. If they use the word government for instance in the middle of the sentence, for some inexplicable reason they have to put a capital G on it, or if they write the word central bank they will put a capital letter C along with the capital B at the front of each of those words.

Experts often wonder why they are doing that, and they do not really understand no matter if they did have such habit while writing before they became conscious of it. The experts realized later that it creates the clutter around the writing that distracts the message. It draws too much attention to itself – knowing this is good to gain confidence while you do IELTS preparation in Sharjah!

This practice is considered as distraction by many

You will find that when you remove all the visual distractions from a piece of writing, it makes the whole that bit more readable and easily digestible. The fewer distractions there are, the more frictionless your words can enter a reader’s consciousness. A government is just the government, right? So there is no need to capitalize that word in the middle of sentence, which is unnecessary ceremony- and it is important to know for IELTS exam in Sharjah!

Similarly, central bank is a central bank and it is just a description of an entity, though it is an organization. There is no real reason why an organization that merely described the needs to be crowned with this with this capital letter.

Example of the unnecessary ceremony of the capital letters

The central bank should be written with no ceremony of the capital letters. So there is no distraction and somehow it is more sober and graceful. Of course, if you write some of the official name of the organization like the United Nations. Here you would obviously want to capitalize the first letter of both of those words, because that is convention.

But if after spelling out the official name once you were just calling it, referring to it, casually thereafter, as like ‘the world body’, as a description which means that we would not want to write ‘The World Body’, like that with capital letters or anything over the top like that.

In phrase the People’s Republic of China, you would obviously want to capitalize the first letter of each of the substantive words because that is the official name for China. But if you were just writing ‘the government of China’ or ‘China’s government’ there is really no need to capitalize what could be considered a description, rather than an official name. Get Artificial Intelligence Training Sharjah on writing projects!

These all small details might seem to be unimportant for you right now, but if you add them together with all the other simplicity tactics. Now, as always there are some nuances here that you also want to consider. Let us take a sentence as an example:

‘The victory, on this occasion, went to Manchester United Football Club. ’ Here you could capitalize the whole of Manchester United Football Club because it is the official name of the club. Because we have enough the actual official name there to recognize it, and therefore we can lower case the ‘Football Club’ bit to function more as a description, because it is just one less distraction- so framing perfect sentence is also useful at Digital Marketing Training Sharjah! A good writer should not give reader any more work than necessary to identify a club that they know best as simply Manchester United. On the flip side if you wrote it like this you would be oversimplifying it.