Need for Labor Law Attorney- Hani Al Jasmi Advocates

Need for Labor Law Attorney- Hani Al Jasmi Advocates

Dubai is famously known as a home to large workforces especially laborers. As the city is always improving its infrastructure to deliver iconic buildings, it has to rely upon the services of a large force of laborers to erect tall skyscrapers, build stunning housing communities, shopping malls, bridges, roads, and so on. As per reports, nearly 90% percent of Dubai’s population is expatriates of which many are migrant workers who have been brought to the city to work on different projects. Due to the presence of a large workforce, the conflicts between employers and laborers arise from time to time over many issues such as salary, work hours, provision of facilities, workers’ exploitation, union exploitation, and so on. In a bid to find representation and guidance, many workers form unions to raise issues with their employers. To address these issues in time and without a conflict, many organizations, as well as unions, seek the help of a labor law attorney in Dubai. As the name indicates, the labor law attorney specializes in the field of labor law and is also referred to as an Employer lawyer. The employer lawyer guides both employers and workers to chalk out differences and avoids the abuse of local employment laws. The lawyer works for the interest of the client in accordance with the law of land and ensures the maximum presentation of the client before the court of law. Being an employer or laborer, if you are thinking to hire The best Advocate Dubai to fight your case, you must understand what a labor law lawyer does.

Fairness and Protection of basic rights

The employer lawyer ensures that the employers do not get carried away because of their power and position. Employers must ensure that the basic rights of their employees are protected and they don’t deal with their employees with misconduct. The lawyer also ensures that there is no room for sexual advances, discriminatory behavior, etc. either by the employers or workers.

Terms of Employment

A lawyer with a specialization in labor law can play an important role while finalizing the terms of employment such as procedures and benefits. An experienced attorney can help his/her client learn about legal rights whether it is an employing body or a worker. The presence of an attorney during the contract signing ensures that no party feels intimidated by the other and the contract is signed with mutual understanding. The lawyer can also determine fair wages, work timings, living conditions, safety protocols, and so on.

Child Protection

As per the law in UAE, children under the age of 15 are strictly prohibited to be employed. Those between the age of 15 and 18 are allowed to work under special conditions. There are different recruitment procedures being followed in UAE such as direct recruitment, recruitment through a third party, or recruitment based on the suggestion of labor unions. In such a diverse recruitment process, there can be negligence on part of any party that makes a way for children to work in an organization with no one knowing their exact age. However, the presence of an experienced lawyer ensures that no child is made part of the workforce if he/she is not of age. In case there is no lawyer and the recruitment of a child is overlooked, the companies can face serious penalties by the government for allowing the child to work despite the ban.

Legal Proceedings

In case the issues between the employers and employees spurn out of control and land in a court of law, the labor law attorney in Dubai ensures to present its client’s case in the best possible way. He/she works to protect the interest of the client at any cost and ensures to get maximum benefit in case of any settlement in the court.

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