Make your small garden look bigger with smart planning

Make your small garden look bigger with smart planning

The passionate plant lovers are always looking for more space to bring more plants to their homes. However, not everyone in Dubai has this much space at home unless you have a big luxury villa. On a regular, there is limited space available to place plants let alone develop a full-fledged garden. But, if designed smartly, you could use even a limited space to turn it into a garden. If you are a true plant lover, you could keep plants even in your living room. All you have to do is to get some enchanting pieces from a plant nursery in Dubai. Given the space and other conditions, you need to pick indoor or outdoor plants accordingly. In this post, we have gathered some brilliant ideas to help your small garden pop out or use other spaces to allocate a green area in your house.

Use Big Plants:

If you have a small garden, don’t fill it with shrubs and small plants as they will make the place even more congested. Instead, go for large plants such as look for palm trees for sale. Large plants are more tidy and easy to keep in a small space. Moreover, they also give an elongated view to make the space look bigger.  

Vertical plantation:

In small gardens, you have limited horizontal space. So, the smart move is to opt for vertical plantation. Instead of planting pants horizontally in traditional flower beds, use horizontal spaces such as a wall or shelf for vertical plantation. Invest in a good rack, frame, or hanging planters to accommodate more plants. The vertical frames of racks provide more space to store plants easily without cluttering the space.

Green Wall:

Green walls are the best features to have in a limited space. For a lively green wall, you will need the help of a professional gardening company. Green walls are the best features to have anywhere. Other than homes, most hotels, malls, and corporate offices also tend to install green walls on their premises whether indoor or outdoor for a fresh look and healthy environment. Even if you don’t have the space or budget to erect a full-fledged green wall, you can use just any wall to hang planters and create a focal point in your building with lovely plants.

Paint Backdrop:

To make your garden more attractive and a focal point, give the background wall a statement color. Using dark colors as a backdrop works to pop out the fresh green color of the plants and makes the garden a central point of attraction. Moreover, the fully painted wall creates an illusion of extra height and space and makes the garden look more spacious.

Paint Surrounding in white:

To make the garden look spacious and bigger, use white paint color for the surrounding areas. Invest in white garden furniture, lamppost, and white fences, or paint the bricks white to make the place more open and bright. You can also use lights to illuminate the garden area at night.

Use fences:

You don’t need a backyard or a particular space to chalk out a garden. You can use other features in the house to grow plants. For instance, rails and fences are the perfect features to grow plants and make green areas. Climber plants don’t usually require a lot of space and even create an illusion of height.

Color Theme:

Using colors intelligently can also create a big difference in how your garden looks. If you have floral plants, use the light-colored ones on the edges to soften the borders of the garden. It is also better to use fewer colors rather than trying to get a mixed bag of colors. It adds a sense of simplicity as well as shows creativity with intelligent planting.

These are some tips to help you make your garden look bigger and more attractive. You can also get rid of some extra things to make extra space for your gardens such as taking some space away from the porch, using the rooftop to erect a garden, and so on. An attractive garden design Dubai using these tips could give to your other congested and dull garden.