Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

Dubai has developed into a hub for international investors ever since the most recent revision to the corporations’ regulations made it possible for expatriates to invest entirely of their capital in the Mainland or get Offshore License in Dubai.There is no longer a necessity for a minimum amount of money or a local sponsor in many different businesses, and many of these industries are entirely owned by foreign investors. In the UAE, foreign investors can directly register their companies and hold all of the company’s rights.

Expat Ownership100%  in UAE

The Mainland License cost in Dubai begins at approximately AED 10,000 and can be used to form an LLC firm with two or more proprietors. An Emirati national does not need to act as the company’s sponsor because the foreign investor owns the LLC Company.

In addition to several significant industry sectors, such as heavy manufacturing, finance, banking, agricultural, aviation, etc., a significant number of additional enterprises and industries enable investors to acquire one hundred percent of the company.

Licensing An LLC Company In The Mainland Of UAE

Establishing a Limited Liability Company on the Mainland of the UAE and obtaining the Necessary Business Licenses are options available to the investor, depending on the business activity they plan to engage in. They can expand their company by building other branch offices on the Mainland of the UAE, hiring additional workers, renting office space, and renting a warehouse for a lower cost.

An expert business consultant in the UAE may aid in establishing an LLC Company on the Mainland by working with the government agencies, creating the application form, shareholding pattern, and special approval, as well as writing tenancy contracts and performing other activities.

Why Prefer Mainland Company than Free Zone?

Although there are several best freezone in UAEoffering attractive incentives to the investor, due to the freedom offered by being located on the Mainland of the UAE, the mainland company is the best option for specific commercial operations such as trading eCommerce, and logistics, among others. This makes the mainland company the preferable alternative.

Each emirate’s Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for issuing business licenses on the Mainland of the UAE. The investor is not required tohave an actual office space to obtain an instant virtual license from DED Dubai. This license is suitable for one year and can be obtained immediately.

On the other hand, after a year, you will need to get the tenancy contract ready and move into the office space to continue renewing your company license. To make it simpler to keep the business on track and to open a bank account for the firm promptly, it is a good idea to get a business license and find office space as soon as possible once it has been established.

When opposed to companies operating in Free Zones, mainland companies have the potential to significantly lower significant company establishment costs. This is because office rentals on the Mainland might vary considerably.

Types Of Business Licenses On The Mainland

General commerce, manufacturing, and service provider licenses are the most often issued categories of business licenses on the Mainland of the UAE. Specific commercial endeavors, like online commerce, the trade in food products, and others, call for specialized commercial licenses.

Investors can select the business license that best suits their needs and then pay the associated price to receive the trade license necessary to begin operating their businesses legally within the UAE. Because the investor has the mainland business license, they will have a much easier time selling their goods and services in the local UAE market, allowing their company to expand more rapidly.

After the license has been issued and the office rental agreement has been drafted for the office space, the investor can submit an application for a corporate bank account with one of the extensive networks of commercial banks in the United Arab Emirates.

Due to the increased credibility and presence in the Mainland of UAE, it is simple for a mainland corporation to create a bank account in UAE.

Steps Involved in Obtaining a Trade License

The initial steps that must be taken to obtain a trade license from the DED in Dubai are relatively simple; nonetheless, these steps must be carried out correctly to avoid any delays in the process or any misrepresentation of business activity on the trade license.

Seek the assistance of a knowledgeable Business Consultant such as IMASBIZ. Our staff will assist you with every step of the process, from applying for a business license to conducting business as usual in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Complete the application form, including all required information, a photograph of the investor, and a copy of their passport.

2. Make a reservation for the business name, and obtain preliminary approval

3. Select the appropriate forms of business licenses based on your company’s activities.

4. Create the shareholder certificate and determine the capital distribution; if there is one

5. Obtain the necessary permissions from the relevant governing bodies to carry out specific company activities.

6. Pay the business license fee and turn in the necessary documents for examination.

7. Apply for a residency visa in the UAE and create a business bank account in the UAE

8. Obtain the necessary licenses to conduct business in UAE, then begin doing so.

Therefore, in a nutshell, an optimal choice for investors to register a company, obtain a resident visa, open a bank account, and begin operating the business is to set up a mainland firm.

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