Looking for ideas to get rid of house flies this summer

Looking for ideas to get rid of house flies this summer

Summer means having multiple outdoor fun activities and time enjoying your yard. Well! You have to pay a price too for that. You guessed right! Pointing toward the scourge of irritating insects that creep out of their hibernation reproducing at a wild rate, creating generation after generation to annoy us. In places like Sharjah, where mercury soars to a record high, summer brings with it an annoying deal of a variety of insects. To address this you surely will look for the best pest control services Dubai to get rid of them in a professional way. Consider Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Service to get experts’ assistance in cleansing your surroundings from these insects.

This blog is about house flies, as their name suggests, they love sneaking their way indoors to bother you and leave you looking desperately for ways to get rid of them as soon as possible. Following are a few ways to keep flies of all kinds away from your house this summer. So give this blog a read

  • Look for breeding sites: Flies have very short lifespans and only live between 10 to 25 days. During summertime, flies reproduce and grow very quickly and can grow from egg to adulthood in a matter of days. This happens often inside your home around you may be. how to prevent this? Flies are used to lay eggs in any source of standing water or soluble food source. The most important thing to do is to eliminate these nesting sites to prevent fly infestations around you in your home. Secondly, ensure that these breeding sources are sealed up and make them as inaccessible as possible. Furthermore, keep a vigilant eye on your garbage bins, which are often a hotspot for fly breeding.
  • Keep a check on moisture: Flies need to stay hydrated in order to survive. Therefore stay vigilant about moisture and humidity indoors. It is a fact that flies can only lay their eggs on moist surfaces, and can only “eat” liquid of soluble foods, so they need moisture to reproduce, live and thrive. Moreover, increased levels of humidity are directly proportional to their reproduction. So it’s very important to look for sources of moisture. Look for plumbing leaks, leaking faucets, rotten eatables, etc. Seal the garbage in airtight bags and keep disposing of it as frequently as possible. Use a dehumidifier if indoor humidity is causing problems.
  • Restrict food access: The three most common flies indoors are house flies, blowflies, and fruit flies. All three of these flies thrive on rotting, fermenting food materials. Decaying food becomes a fertile ground for house flies to thrive and breed. Overripe products, old meat, spoiled milk, fermenting liquids, and other pungent foods are the main sources aiding their growth and activity. Prioritize removing these items from your home before it gets worse. You must dispose of garbage on an urgent basis regularly, pay attention to the expiry dates of the products, and keep pantry items in airtight jars. Last but not least keep a check on crumbs and spills too.
  • Keep your surroundings clean: This should be kept in mind in a bid to keep your surroundings clean to keep the flies away from your house. Moisture, rotten food sources, and humidity attract them outside as much as they do inside. Manure piles, water, humidity, rotting mulch, dying plants, or untended compost piles provide a thriving environment for flies to thrive and reproduce rapidly.

At times outdoor plumbing fixtures may also leak and attract them. So in order to address this issue regularly keep a check on faucets and hoses to make sure they’re not producing standing water. 

These few precautionary measures will go a long way towards keeping the flies and other kinds of buzzing pests from infesting your home. And if you feel like you’ve tried everything and still not succeeded in getting over this problem don’t hesitate to give Lamp Pest Control Disinfection and sanitization in Dubai a call.  We are at your service and do our best so you can enjoy your summer in peace.