How to set up a Clinic in Dubai? A step by step Guide

How to set up a Clinic in Dubai? A step by step Guide

setup a clinic in Dubai it is necessary to be aware about the licensing procedure. Rules and regulations vary from country to country. You are doctor and want to open a clinic in Dubai; a Medical license in Dubai is required to set up a clinic.

Dubai is popular because it provides opportunities for foreigners and citizens also. Government is paying a valuable support to various industries particularly healthcare sector to strengthen the entire healthcare system in the country. Both the citizens and foreigners will be able to take part in the sustainable system in the state Dubai licensing exam for Doctors & Medical recruitment agency Dubai. Thanks to the government of Dubai which is offering opportunities in healthcare sector and for their efforts.

Required Documents to Open a Clinic

For registering for a medical clinic you need to have the following documents for DHA (Dubai

The DED gave initial approval to the trade name reservation.

  • DED Leasing Contract approval for the certificate
  • Facility’s floor plan and layout diagram
  • Owner-signed DHA contract
  • Dubai Municipality’s affection plan approval document
  • A copy of the DHA-approved medical director’s Emirates ID, passport, and visa.

Setup a Medical Clinic Follow These Steps

To set up a clinic in Dubai you have to be a Medical Degree or a Director with relevant qualifications. It is mandatory to have a medical degree but a basic degree in Medicine is not enough to set up a clinic in Dubai.  You have to be certified by the Dubai Healthcare Authority and to set up a clinic you need proper approval from DHA.

Follow the necessary steps below to get your approval for opening a clinic in Dubai.

Trade Name DHA Approval

It is the very first and most important step to be followed. You need to register a Trade Name for your clinic to get a medical license. For this, you have to submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development for the registration of a Trade Name.

Initial Approval

After obtaining Trade Name from the DED you have to submit another application to the same department to get the initial approval. You have to submit all the necessary documents along with a copy of your passport. And for the layout plan, you need to get approval from the Dubai Municipality.

Approval from DHA

In the third step, you have to get approval from the major body that handles all the approval matters and healthcare services in Dubai. You need to submit the following documents for approval:

  • Passport and Visa Copies
  • Copy of Trade Name Issued
  • Emirates ID
  • DHA proposal and undertaking
  • Layout Plan
  • Affection Plan

Submit your Documents

Then the inventor has to submit all the documents including a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and lease agreement.

Final Approval

For the final approval the investor has to submit the registration fee, all the needed documents, and a copy of the initial approval with these:

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • A valid Building
  • Final Trade License
  • List of Directors and Healthcare Professionals

Get a license

The final step where you have to create an account on DHA’s official portal to get your medical license. You need to submit all the necessary documents of medical professionals and consultants that going to work in the clinic. After the verification process by Dubai Healthcare Authority, you will get your license and be able to start a clinic. If you want to open a private clinic in Dubai you have to get your Doctor’s Medical license Dubai. Don’t think too much Unique healthcare Consultancy will help with the process of getting the medical license for your clinic. If you have any queries regarding the process feel free to contact us, we hope to assist you in obtaining your ideal sites in Dubai. You can establish a medical clinic anywhere as long as it is a commercial locati

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