Guide to selling second-hand garments online

Guide to selling second-hand garments online

Thinking about decluttering your wardrobe, but a truckload of unused old clothes making you confused? What should you do with them? Have you ever think about selling them to someone who really needs it?. You can be in profit from two sides – help others with clothes and make some money from them. Is it amazing?

Research online and find out a few sell clothes online Ireland websites. Check them thoroughly and get to know the procedure. Dial helpline number if needed.

Selling second-hand clothes online needs to follow few steps. Here we are offering you a step-by-step guide to sell your stuff online easily. Let’s start.

 Choose the right website

Pick the right website who offer hassle-free procedure and a high commission. Read the website review and follow them on social media to know what people are talking about them.

Positive feedback strengthens the trust and you are good to go. Contact them and know the procedure in detail. Write down few questions like – Are they delivering it to the customer? how much commission you are going to make? Any policy for return? clear all your queries before your go-ahead. Choosing the right platform is to first step of selling clothes online.

Have realistic expectation

While you are selling second-hand clothes you must not set your expectation really high. In any case, the garment is stained or damaged, mention it properly. Take apicture and describe every minute detail. You may not be paid for the piece.

Customers will select the product by seeing its photograph, neither they can try it nor they can return it, so they love to rely on branded products. If they are already familiar with that brand’s quality and size it would be easy for them to buy. So if you are selling unbranded clothes online then it is really challenging for you.

Click professional picture

Your phone camera and white background are all you need to click the mind-blowing picture of your product. Style your garment with little props and make the sure picture quality is high. Don’t forget to stream the clothes before you take shots. Use natural light to brighten the picture and try to show as much detail as possible. Ditch the flashlights, this may change the color of clothes in the picture.

Put a perfect price tag

Buyers are always wished for a good deal. Remember the world is full of competitors so keep the price minimum to accelerate the sale cycle. We will suggest you search sell clothes online Ireland and check the relevant websites. you will get an idea about pricing. Normally you should give at least 75% off from retail price.

Think about shipping

Pack the item and label it as prepaid, send it to the buyer. often the mediator website provides a shipping facility too. Talk to them if they have such.

Secure payment

In most cases, an online website offers a payment gateway to ensure the payment. Make sure you discuss the about payment process before selling into their website.

Wrapping up

Your trash can be someone’s dream. Don’t throw away your unused clothes rather be wise and make money from them. There is plenty of websites that allow selling your second-hand designer clothes to someone.

Garments should at saleable condition, even if there is any damage and stain, mention it clearly. Take professional shots because your buyer will see only the picture before buying.  look for the right platforms and discuss all the necessary details with them.

Buying old clothes is more sustainable than going for new. It saves money and guards unwanted wastage too. We hope this blog has given you step-by-step guidance about how to make your old clothes sell online and make money with them. Don’t forget to ask for the feedback that can foster your business growth and brings more customer to you.