Guide to Essentials of Trading Forex &Stocks in Malaysia

Guide to Essentials of Trading Forex &Stocks in Malaysia

In 2004, the country’s central stock exchange, previously known as the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, changed its name to the Bursa Malaysia Exchange. Bursa Malaysia is a fully integrated financial marketplace and exchange that provides a broad range of financial instruments such as stocks, derivatives, options, and futures.

This Malaysian exchange serves as a marketplace for stocks trading, listing, clearing, and settlement. It’s also known for its offshore and Islamic asset offerings, and you may trade, realSukuk, and business trusts (ETBS), estate investment trusts (REITs), , Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)as well as exchange-traded bonds on the exchange.

In September 2016, Bursa Malaysia launched Bursa Malaysia-i, the world’s first complete Shariah investment platform, to enable faith-based investors with mainstream Shariah investing.

How It Works

The Bursa Malaysia exchange offers a two-tiered market, with the ACE Market listing smaller capitalized equities of rising firms and the main exchange listing well-established large-capitalization corporations.

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index is the main stock index of the Bursa Malaysia exchange (FBM KLCI). The 30 largest businesses listed on the Bursa Malaysia that match the index’s listing standards make up this capitalization-weighted headline index.

The Bursa Malaysia exchange is a collaboration between Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia being part of the ASEAN.


The Securities Commission Malaysia regulates the stock market and all brokers doing business in Malaysia (SCM). It was established in March 1993 under the jurisdiction of the Securities Commission Act of 1993 (SCA).

The agencyis a self-funded statutory body, answers to the Malaysian Minister of Finance and is responsible for regulating &developing the capital markets in Malaysia. It includes overseeing people and businesses that hold licenses under Malaysia’s Capital Markets and Services Act of 2007. 

How to Start Trading in Malaysia

To trade stocks on the Bursa Malaysia, you must first open a trading account for example MetaTrader 4 Live Account with one of the participating companies. You’ll also need to register a new account with the Central Depository System (CDS).

An electronic book-entry system is used to record, maintain, and track share ownership and stock transfers in the CDS account. The two accounts are then given to a licensed broker/dealer, who will help you open a trading account. The broker can then place orders on the exchange’s Automated Trading System on your behalf (ATS).

The Best forex brokers uae metatrader 4 in Malaysia, according to us Before you choose a broker, remember to think about your needs as an investor or trader.

What Features ToConsider For an Online Brokerage

Several factors should be considered before opening an account to trade stocks online from Malaysia. These are some of the items:

Regulation and Exchange Membership

Forex Brokers who do business on the Bursa Malaysia must be registered with the Labuan Forex License and have authority to trade on the exchange before they can execute deals. The SCM must register and regulate all financial enterprises, including stockbrokers.

Best Trading Platform Malaysia

In addition to offering access to accurate stock prices, a broker’s MetaTrader 5 Web Trading should allow you to place stock orders and receive confirmations. This trading program must be simple to use, customize, and access. News feeds and technical analysis tools are also available on several sites.


Advisory and research services are typically provided by international and Malaysian full-service brokers. If you require investment assistance, a full-service broker is a good choice. Otherwise, a bargain broker might be a better option.

Commissions and Fees

Commissions can make a major impact in your bottom line depending on your trading strategy, especially if you trade actively. Even if you just change jobs once in a while, commission charges are important, and bargain brokers usually charge less.

Customer Service

A responsive customer service staff is a huge asset for an online broker. Most stockbrokers in Malaysia can be reached by phone or email.

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