Get rid of the maniac of ant infestation employing all natural ways

Get rid of the maniac of ant infestation employing all natural ways

In many houses in the UAE, house ants are common. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning, heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, only to discover that your house has been stormed into. Apart from hiring professional pest control companies in uae, there are certain natural ways that are extremely beneficial in getting rid of the ants infestation. Some are listed below:

Vinegar Mixture

Making a basic solution out of a bottle of water, soap, and vinegar is one of the easiest approaches. Then apply the mixture on the ant hill by spraying or pouring it. In addition to killing the ants, this will also urge those who survive to go to a more secure location. Try to find their entrance to the house if you’re inside. When you are finished, spray the mixture over the entrance and in their normal direction. They will learn from this that they can no longer enter under that way.


You may use peppermint essential oil or mint plants to naturally repel ants around your home. Your house will smell minty fresh too.   Place mint plants on the exterior of your house and near the doors. Use a cotton ball and a few drops of peppermint essential oil to clean any susceptible locations. Furthermore, you may put cotton balls soaked with peppermint oil in cupboards and other places where ants swarm.


An excellent alternative for ant control is cinnamon. An ant that consumes cinnamon strangles and eventually dies. You can sprinkle ground cinnamon along an anthill opening or on the ants’ path. Ants may be effectively repelled by using cinnamon essential oil. Spray a solution of water and a few drops of cinnamon oil on ant trails, around windows, doors, and cracks.

Oranges or Lemons

D-limonene, a substance found in citrus fruits’ peels and notably in those of orange and lemon, is deadly to ants. Save those orange peels and use them to make an ant repellant rather than throwing them away. So, think about pressing a lemon to obtain some lemon juice or putting the peels where ants are typically found in your house.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be a powerful ant repellent, much like peppermint oil. Follow these steps to apply this technique:

  • In a clean plastic spray container, combine 2 cups of water and 5 to 10 drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • Wherever you frequently find ants in the house, spray the mixture there. As an alternative, you may spread cotton balls throughout your house after soaking them in the mixture.

If the aroma is too overpowering, try combining water, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.

Steaming water

Pour hot water into any ant holes you see close to your house. Many of the ants within will be efficiently and instantly killed by this technique. Even though anthills have a tiny appearance, they conceal enormous ant colonies. It won’t be possible to eradicate the entire colony using boiling water. For this reason, be careful to treat any ant holes you come across close to your home.

Inspect your indoor plants

Look for ant swarms on your indoor plants, which might be a sign that there are nests hidden beneath the soil. Any plants that seem to be infested should be discarded. Put citrus rinds from lemons or oranges around the soil to prevent ants from building nests in your plants.

Ants are typical household intruders in the UAE and are generally not harmful. Even though they might be challenging to get rid of, the natural techniques mentioned above can help you repel and eventually get rid of ants. There are also commercial solutions available to assist eradicate or repel these pests. Future infestations can be avoided by keeping your house clean and eliminating potential entry points and hiding spots for ants. If everything else fails, qualified ant control dubai professionals can take care of the problem in your house.