Checklist to Choose the Best Security Camera

Checklist to Choose the Best Security Camera

With the development of technology, CCTV cameras have changed from being merely a camera and recording equipment to a comprehensive security solution that includes features like audio, face detection, infrared, high-quality night vision footage, etc.  With the variety of options available in the market, choosing the ideal CCTV camera for you can be a difficult task.

To assist you in this, we have put up a comprehensive checklist to choose the best security camera installation service. This article provides details on different kinds of CCTV cameras and advice on how to pick the best CCTV camera for you.

Types of CCTV Cameras

If you wonder how to pick the best camera out of all the models available on the market, you need to first be aware of the broad categories of CCTV cameras.

Here’s a list of types in which CCTV Cameras can be broadly categorized. Learn more about each type below:

Dome Camera: These cameras are dome-shaped and offer 360 degrees of rotation for better coverage.

Bullet Camera: These are cylindrical shaped cameras that are meant for covering long distances.

PTZ Camera: Pan-tilt Zoom cameras allow full control over the recording of the camera. They can be turned left or right using the button. Even they can be tilted up or down or zoomed in or out.

Infrared Cameras: These cameras use infrared technology for recording in dark conditions.  They can even record clearly in pitch-black conditions.

IP Camera: They share live footage. These cameras can be accessed over the internet from anywhere.

Wireless Camera: They work without needing wires for installation. They can be installed anywhere.

HD Camera: These cameras capture High-Definition pictures and videos.

Checklist of features for choosing a CCTV

While there are various aspects to ponder when selecting the best professional security systems or cameras, there are certain features that are must-haves for a setup. This feature checklist will assist you in selecting the ideal surveillance system for you based on your requirements.


Resolution & Quality of Recording: With technological advancement, now HD cameras are available on the market. HD cameras allow clearer and more detailed image capturing and recording.

Easy to Use: Another thing to check before selecting is whether the camera is easy to use or not. It may be used for personal as well as professional purposes. But whatever the purpose, what is required is that it should be easily accessible for providing recordings for which it is being installed.

Easy Installation: another aspect to check is its installation. This is important because many customers face challenges during the installation of the camera in the right place. Therefore, before buying a camera, make it clear to the dealer that you require installation services also.

Alerts & Notifications: Make sure that the camera also offers an alerts and notifications service. In case of any emergency, a notification must be sent to the owner’s registered no. However, most cameras nowadays come with this feature, yet you must confirm this before purchasing it.

Range & Infrared Capability: Make sure to purchase a long-range camera with infrared technology that can capture even during the night.

Wide viewing angle: To have wider coverage, do not forget to check if it has a wide viewing angle or not.

Waterproof: Most CCTV cameras are installed outside. Therefore, to protect it from rainwater, it’s better to choose waterproof cameras.

Recording System: Another feature that should be considered is that it should have a provision for storing the recordings for future reference.

I think by referring to these features you can make the right choice for you. However, you can also contact the CCTV camera installation services Lucknow in case you need any help with purchasing or installation of a professional CCTV camera.