Every year, replacing a car key is getting more and more difficult. Many modern car keys cannot be replaced through any other means than the dealership or an automotive Car key maker Dubai. Older models still use simple keys that any hardware store employee can make, but a new car key for modern cars uses electronic components that need programming. Replacement of a lost automobile key is different from replacing an old one. Everything you need to know about getting new car keys boils down to:

  • Types of Replacement
  • Replacement Parts

If you feel you need car key replacement services from a professional Locksmith in Dubai, do not hesitate to call Fast Lock Repairing. With the help of a competent automobile locksmith, you can rest assured that we have the answers you need. However, people who want to know precisely what they’re getting into should read this article when purchasing a new set of automobile keys. Just know that there is no way to give exact advice for making every new car key, but this will provide the road map for answering any remaining questions.

Do You Need Car Key Replacement?

Not every non-working automobile key is broken. This may seem contradictory, yet you may have several problems. And replacing your car keys may not help. The car key issue may be masking a more significant issue.

How can you tell if your car key remote is faulty or the door lock assembly? How can you avoid replacing your car’s ignition if the key won’t turn? Troubleshoot to see if you need a new car key.

An extra car key makes troubleshooting easier. Try your problem with a spare key. If two keys have the same issue, it’s likely not just car keys. If you have no spare key, automobile key replacement is still a brilliant option, so you have one for the future or to troubleshoot if it isn’t the complete fix.

Types Of Car Key Replacement

The subject of car key repair or car key replacement is often too broad to be helpful because of the seemingly endless variations. For instance, when trying to reproduce a broken vehicle key, you need to consider a different set of factors than when trying to copy a working car key. And attempting to make a key without an existing copy is a distinct alternative to either of those other possibilities. After you have figured out the specifics of your situation, the next step is to examine the new key options for your vehicle.

Simple Bladed Car Keys

If you have a car manufactured in the 1980s or earlier, the key to your vehicle is probably just a bit of metal. These keys need to be cut in the same manner as the last key that worked well, regardless of whether they have a side etching that looks like a snake-like slider key or has double serrated edges like a wafer key. This is the most straightforward new car key to make as it only requires metal to be cut. However, if you do not have a working key, you will need a locksmith to retrieve your key code and cut a new key.

Transponder Keys

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, transponder chips were reliably being disguised within the plastic covering of the bow of vehicle keys. Most of these keys can be programmed by following the directions in the owner’s manual; however, it may be necessary to have more than one key that works. If the documentation with your car indicates that you cannot program a transponder key, you can have a locksmith or the dealership handle the programming straight to the onboard computer instead. Even if the programming is missing, the car won’t start, but the doors and trunk will open with the key.

Car Key Remotes

Car key remotes are similar to transponder keys, requiring programming that will vary procedurally and likely need more than one working key. If they are used as keyless ignition fobs, they may be more sophisticated (more on that next). When it comes to opening and locking your doors, remotes are built for convenience, but they are not designed to start your car. You can go without a remote as long as you remember to lock all your doors manually and are okay using your key to unlock your doors.

Keyless Ignition Fobs

Even though keyless ignition fobs are equipped with remote functions, producing a new automobile key for these fobs requires a separate set of considerations. There are extremely few new ignition keys like this one that can be configured using home-based procedures. It is also quite improbable that a hardware store will be able to generate new keys for your vehicle for you to use. There are situations when your neighborhood locksmith might not even have invested in the tools necessary to work on certain expensive vehicles. The only option for this new car key may be to contact your dealership.

Car Key Replacement Parts

You can acquire automobile key replacement components from a retailer, online, a Key programmer locksmith, or a dealership. Some options will disappear depending on the make, model, and year. Most retail chains and big-box stores won’t have what you need. Both legal and aftermarket car keys are accessible online. Beware of aftermarket electronic car keys.

Dealerships and locksmiths guarantee parts’ programmability and operation. If you need to program your automobile keys, choose an option that allows this. If you’ve misplaced your car keys and don’t have a spare, having someone program them is better, as most Key replacement processes require two working keys. To program new keys in the future, you’ll need at least two keys.

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