Academic Writing Types and their Particular Applications

Academic Writing Types and their Particular Applications

The majority of academies employ essays to evaluate students’ progress.  Academic essays are composed to respond to questions or to support an argument or perspective on a topic. A research paper contains thorough information about a topic through several sections such as a literature review, methodology, discussion, and conclusion.

A proposition is what you give to describe your proposal’s aims, purpose, approach, and specific strategy. A literature review is a summary of prior works on the issue under consideration. The primary goal of a literature review as writing (academic) assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. Dissertation and thesis are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably to describe to the required final projects in specific academic initiatives. Case studies are commonly utilized in Science – Related topics such as Medicine. Acquire you seat for PTE Preparation in Dubai with us!

What are the characteristics of a case analysis?

Case studies are commonly utilized in Science and Scientific topics such as Medicine. Problem solving, critical thinking, and writing are the primary skills required in case studies. Case study is a way of evaluating sample cases—real or fictitious crises or hypothetical situations—to explain how they are managed or resolved.

The measures responsible for writing the case study are including trying to describe the scenario, identifying the problems, analyzing the case using methods and concepts relevant to the discipline, and making recommendations or implying a set of steps to solve the issue as effectively as possible.

What is the difference between a dissertation and a thesis?

Dissertation and thesis are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably to describe to the required final projects in specific academic initiatives. In the United States, the thesis would be the last project of a Master’s degree, and a dissertation is filed for a doctorate, however in the United Kingdom, a thesis is given for a doctorate and a dissertation is filed for Master’s. Call us for the CELPIP Training in Dubai!

Although the amount of pages differs, the framework maintained in both is comparable. A doctorate thesis/dissertation is often longer than a master’s assignment. Dissertations and theses are reports on scholarly study activity.

What is the purpose of a literature review?

Literature review is the summary of relevant previous writings on the topic under discussion. The main objective of review of literature as an academic writing activity is to display your knowledge of the subject. Another goal of examining other people’s work is to prove the uniqueness of your work and, in some cases, to justify a gap in the topic.

Important writing methods

Academic writing can be approached in a variety of ways. They are explanatory, descriptive, persuasive, analytical, critical/evaluative, narrative/reflective, and narrative/reflective. The main characteristic of an explanatory approach is that it explains, informs, defines, or describes a subject. The writer employs word embedding and descriptions in the descriptive approach.

Persuasive writing attempts to persuade readers to embrace the writer’s point of view. The analytical method consists mostly of aspects of exposition, persuasion, and description. The critical/evaluative method evaluates the qualities of an current work and suggests alternatives. The writer uses narration to communicate a tale, personal experience, and ideas in a narrative or introspective style.

What are the most widely used style guides today?

MLA (Modern Language Association) style is the most widely used style guide in Humanities subjects, whereas research scholars in Social Sciences typically use APA (American Psychological Association) style. Other style guidebook in use is the Chicago handbook of style. Some universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard, insist on researchers writing for their journals adopting their own style. Book your seat for Tally training in Dubai!

Description of the sections of a Social Science dissertation

The following sections are included: title page, introduction, and abstract, review of the literature, methods, results, discussion/findings, and references/bibliography. The introduction section draws the reader’s attention to the topic. This paragraph may include background information about the subject. The purpose of a literature review is to learn how other researchers and students tackled your issue. Research methodology is a systematic theoretical examination of the procedures used in a particular field of study. The discussion or results section is the conclusion that outlines the scholar’s findings. The bibliography is the reference of those books needed to refer to in order to successfully complete the dissertation. In other words, it is a checklist of all the references you consulted when researching your paper.