A Simple guide to basic handtools importance and uses

A Simple guide to basic handtools importance and uses

Hand tools are critical components of day-to-day work. Since ancient times, people have used them to do various helpful tasks. Many Felo Smart Engineer Tool Set Suppliers In Dubai offer various hand and precision tools for industrial clients.

Screwdrivers Suppliers In Dubai offer hand tools that come in a wide variety of forms and can be put to use in a wide variety of contexts. Some instruments can be used for various purposes, while others can only be used for one particular task.

It is necessary to be familiar with their construction and the correct way to use them if you want to achieve the most remarkable outcomes possible with your task. A lack of expertise may contribute to a series of errors and injuries.

When working with hand tools, it is more vital to focus on their correct use and precision than working quickly. A craftsman is responsible for selecting the appropriate tools to use following the nature of the work that must be completed. He is required to know the appropriate instrument for the task at hand. If this does not occur, the work’s quality and efficiency will suffer. 

Different types of hand tools are categorized under their distinct headings.

• Arranging the tools, including measurement instruments

• Hitting tools, including hammers and sledgehammers

• Cutting tools for metal, such as files, drills, reamers, etc.

• Tools for holding things, such as pliers and clamps

• Honing and grinding various instruments


Hammers are made to exert a great deal of power over a relatively small area. It is a long stick of wood fastened to a piece of metal at one end. Hammer has a round surface on one side and a jagged surface on the other. Hammers have a wide range of applications; whether you need to smash or nail something, you can count on them to be there for you. However, you should check that it is the appropriate weight for the user. When selecting a hammer, one should select one carefully from the many available options, which range in size and weight. 


Screwdrivers are a handy tool for tightening the various nuts, bolts, and screws. They are available in various shapes from screwdriver suppliers in dubai and can also be modified to correspond with the bolt size.


By applying pressure from the inside, clamps can secure two or more things together in such a way as to prevent them from moving or coming apart. Repair work and furniture assembly are the most common applications for them.


Objects can be gripped and turned with the help of a spanner. Aside from their typical application in plumbing work, these tools can also be used in assembling furniture or repairing bicycles, specifically in the losing or tightening nuts and bolts. Spanners have a wide variety, ranging from ones with closed ends to those with open ends to adjustable ones.


Pliers are one of those tools that are almost ubiquitous in homes. They are put to use to firmly grip items, bend other materials, and eliminate aspects that are not desired. Additionally, it can bend or straighten wires, cut wires, remove nails, or hold objects firmly in one spot. One of the best kinds of pliers has needle ends in addition to having the ability to cut wire. They are helpful not only in garages but also in residences. 


Best precision tools suppliers provide every manufacturer or artisan should have at least one tape measure in their toolbox. They come in handy for determining a room’s dimensions or wall. A tape measure is the first tool you will require working in the construction sector. 


Files and rasps are used to create smooth edges or create a new form or profile. It sometimes removes excess material from plastic, wood, or metal.


An Allen key and a hex key are examples of simple tools that may be used for driving bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in the heads of the fasteners. These instruments have an L-shaped design with arms of varying lengths. Repairing furniture, fixing bicycles or other bikes, and other similar tasks are the most common uses for allen keys.

These are some of the essential hand tools that are utilized in a variety of sectors. After consideration, you are free to pick from the precision screwdriver suppliers in Dubai or one that best suits your needs. If you are interested in purchasing hand tools, you may visit our website, Aatco General Trading L.L.C..com, and look through the various options available in our hand tools category. Aatco General Trading L.L.C. is the place to acquire reasonably priced hand tools of the highest possible quality.