A Guide to Enterprise Networking

A Guide to Enterprise Networking

In an organization, irrespective of its size and nature of work, environment, devices and applications including hardware and software are required to be communicated effectively to facilitate day-to-day operations.  To ensure so, an enterprise requires a robust and reliable network that can offer optimal uptime and smooth operations. This is only possible with a resourceful enterprise network.

Before, we discuss in detail how enterprise networking can benefit an enterprise; let’s first have a basic understanding of what is enterprise networking, its types and why enterprise networking is important.

What is Enterprise Networking?

Enterprise networking is an infrastructural setup that involves physical, virtual and logical connectivity of users, applications and devices within an organization that enables systems and apps to communicate, share information, run services & programs and analyze system performance. The network may be designed, deployed and optimized as per the enterprise’s requirements.  

Types of Enterprise Networks

The most commonly used enterprise networks are as follows:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • Cloud Networks

Local Area Network

LAN (Local Area Network) is used for establishing connectivity in a single site like a small building/room or in a small geographic area. It can also be established virtually within a larger network.

Wide Area Network

WAN (Wide Area Network) is used to establish a much larger coverage than the local area network. Wide area networks are not limited to any particular location or geographic area; they can stretch even across countries, continents, and the entire world. It is usually leased by the service providers as they are sophisticated and expensive.

Cloud Networks

Cloud networks may consist of on-premise servers or off-site cloud datacenter, it totally depends on the requirement of the organization. Basically, cloud networks are established and managed by a third party and the enterprise simply has to pay for the service utilized.

Why Enterprise Networking?

As the market is evolving, often it is seen that enterprise network architecture is growing complex which makes it difficult for organizations to manage it. Thankfully, enterprise networking services are available to make the process easy. Enterprise networking offers fast, reliable, secure and stable connectivity between users as well as IT infrastructure components. Also, it offers a single pane of glass across data centers and clouds, and network automation frameworks that simplify day-to-day operations.

Additionally, enterprise networking ensures a secure connection between devices in an organization that facilitates seamless data transfer and communications both internally within an organization or externally with partners and clients.

Benefits of Enterprise Networking

Networking solutions are established for an organization according to its workflow, consumer demand, etc. Having the right network is beneficial for an organization in many ways, some are stated below:

Increased Efficiency: Better connectivity enhances communication among employeesthat increases efficiency.

Controlled Access: Organization can control the access of data and devices within a network.

Secured: Networks are secured by perimeter and internal firewalls.

Cost Reduction: It helps enterprises reduce the overall cost for establishing and managing the IT infrastructure to ensure connectivity.

Enhanced Productivity: As the network increases efficiency and establishes better communication within an organization so the workflow is streamlined which can enhance productivity.


Taking the present scenario into consideration, we can say that networking solutions are definitely required by every enterprise to simplify its overall operations. Enterprise network not only enhances efficiency and controls access to resources but also reduces the overall cost of managing the IT infrastructure. But the biggest concern for enterprises is to choose the Best networking company in India that can handle their networking effectively.

To know How to Choose the Right Enterprise Networking Company, keep reading my articles.  I will be sharing in-depth knowledge related to this in my next article.